An Opinionated Guide To Restaurants At Midwest FurFest – 2021

Duncan Husky put together a useful guide to eateries in and around MFF. I highly recommend checking it out.

It coves Inside the Hyatt Regency O’Hare

In the Stephens Convention Center

In the Parkway Bank Park Entertainment District and nearby


Wild Times (Germany) Returns, FurDu Guest of Honor

Wild Times (Germany)

We will return to the Kulturhaus in 2022 for the 4th Wild Times from 14th to 18th of September (Wednesday through Sunday).
Limited early arrival (13th) and late departure (19th) slots will be available again as well.

Main Convention Time: 14.09. – 18.09.2022
Early Arrival: 13.09.2022 (Tuesday)
Late Departure: 19.09.2022 (Monday)

An example of their work