MFF 2021 Day 2: Saturday

It began with

The Sponsor’s Brunch, row after row of really excellent food, and it’s eat as much as you want.

Well yesterday was also a day to meet up with friends and what a day it was it began with From “Nation” to “Planet” Writing The Furry Nation Sequel.

Joe Strike is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. The panel may of been about his book which is coming out via Fur Planet sometime next year. But we also as the audience got involved talking about getting published, furry news and are we Mainstream or not. I give him my praise excellent panel.

Talk about how strange things can get at a fur con, my friend buys a partial for $2500. It’s really nice and fits them perfectly. They buy it, just before the panel on Fursona to Fursuit.

The Charity Whose Lion was great as usual, special mention has to go out to Cassidy Civet for putting on a great show.

The Day ended for all of us at something unexpected, Fursuit Charades. It was great, very fun and when behind one side began to cheat it all ended in fun. Really hope they have this again.

You know how hard it is to trying to take a photo while your laughing.

Tomorrow Last Day