Midwest FurFest: Little Things

I call this article little things because that is just what they are things you either noticed or experienced during MFF but really can’t be talked about anywhere else.

Take Registration Thank You MFF for having that Vaccination Check station opened up before Registration officially opened. Yes I waited in line, it was slower than I wanted. But I made it through in good time.

Registration itself moved fast, even faster than it did in 2019. One thing I did hear, faster system for processing Registration. My only issue getting Sponsor Perks, the sign was on the wrong side of the booth. I really didn’t notice it at first.

The Color Communication Badges, were worn by a good number and was respected especially if you had Yellow or Red showing. They were respected, and if you had Green showing and wanted to talk, people did notice them.

No Con Suite this year, so where did everyone hang out who need to just sit down. Just about everywhere, and I think the water stations were used more than any previous year. The Headless Lounges busy no matter there actual location. Water was changed before they became empty. Great work everyone.

The OH Grill at the Hyatt, I actually praise them for offering a Buffet of some of the best food I ever ate. I know some complain about Meatloaf, did you happen to try it. My own mother would be jealous of theirs. The Sponsor’s Buffet OMG, it all was so good. I learned something not to go there when they 1st open Geez there was a long line of Sponsors, and all of them hungry. The food was delicious and I told the staff at the Hyatt the very same.

I know I have said this, but the Hyatt employees love MFF. I got that straight from them, reason why is they love fursuiters. They may not hug them like furries so often do. But seeing the fursuiters makes them smile, even laugh sometimes. If your a fursuiter and you happen to be at MFF next year offer an employee a hug.

Only the 2nd time this year I heard it said of MFF. “We needed to be there”, which is so true and I’ll be there again next year. Hopefully I can finally meet a few special furries. I did run into Odin Wolf at his booth. I got stickers and a plush and I am happy. I even told Odin Wolf a story about an old neighbor I am curious to see if he uses it. I gave my permission.

Brasil FurFest Registration Now Open

In our continuing look at fur cons around the world and to see what they have to offer. Today we look at Brasil FurFest. LINK in case your going

This is for VIF Platinum III at 1500 BRL

That the thing when we look at those numbers we have no idea what that converts to the following is converted to USD

175 BRL is $31.07 300 BRL is $53.27 625 BRL is $110.98 Lastly 1500 BRL is $266.35

Which is a bargain compared to some US cons.