Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

Our lives depend on hope. If you have hope, you’ll be able to overcome problems you face. But if you’re without hope, your difficulties will increase. Hope is linked to compassion and loving kindness. In my life, I’ve faced all sorts of difficulties, but I never gave up hope.

KRAZ (Czech Republic)

You gotta to love a fur con whose 2021 con had a Medieval theme took place at a real castle LINK

There next con which will take place May 4 to 8 2022 takes place in a recreation of an Old West Town

Official Announcement

Hold your hats ladies and gentlemen! We’d like to announce a new date for the KRAZ 2022. Mark the date 4th – 8th May 2022 in your calendar. Registration will open during January, 22th January 2022, 20:00 CET. We’re looking forward to see you!