Furvana Plans for 2023, Furry HVAC NE California

The staff has decided to book the second weekend in September 2023 for the next furry convention. Sept 8-10th 2023 (Theme: Vapourwave)

Since there wasn’t much happening Let’s talk about Midnight Mechanical located in NE California

A furry business that could use customer check out their site

Dog Country by Malcolm F. Cross

Explore a war torn landscape with Edane aka White-Six, a genetically altered super soldier & untroubled killing machine. Or is he more? A son, an athelete, a friend. Who is he really at this point, Edane or White-Six? Find “Dog Country” by Malcolm Cross at Fenris Publishing

Alamo City Furry Invasion Registration Now OPEN!!!

As you can see they are offering the standard levels of membership, except for that $1,500 Ultra Sponsor.

You can register here

In addition they are selling tickets to the GOH Dinner separately for $40 each