March 2022 Fur Cons

I just got to say I have checked

3-6 Furry Ski Weekend Copper MT, CO
3-6 VancouFur Vancouver, BC Canada
4-6 Fur The More Arlington, VA
9-13 Gdakon Rumia, Poland
10-13 Blue Ridge Furfare Asheville, NC
11-13 Fur Out West Scarborough, Austraila
11-13 Gateway Furmeet St. Louis, MO
17-20 Texas Furry Fiesta Dallas, TX
18-20 Furnal Equinox Toronto, ONT Canada
18-20 Furnexion Monterray, Mexico
25-27 Motor City Fur Con Ypsilanti, MI

Wild North (England) Registration Now Open

I know with some cons they are giving you things just for going. But some other cons just being there is a treat. Look at the hotel

Yes, that’s really a hotel and it use to be a castle.

LINK to more info and to Register

Furnal Equinox 2022 Guest of Honor

Furnal Equinox is proud to welcome our Guests of Honour this year – Anyare and Dr. Wildlife! Our first guest, Anyare, animator and illustrator, has had artwork published as an accompaniment for furry literature. To learn more about Anyare, LINK