Bewhiskered Totals, Furnal Equinox Seeks DJs

Folks, our DJ application is now live on the website! Once you’ve read and agreed to the rules, you can submit your demos to our Dance team via the form here:

Furnal Equinox, Anthro Expo seeks Panels, Artists and DJs

Sign-up LINK

AnthroExpo Seeks DJs


Fur Con News: Furnal Equinox Plans for 2022, Furrydelphia Sets date for 2022

Furnal Equinox (Canada) Plans for 2022

We plan to have an in-person convention in March 2022. You can find the exact dates on our homepage.
Registration for the in-person FE 2022 convention will open at the end of the month.

  • We  will also have a virtual event as part of Furnal Equinox 2022 — more details will be announced at a later date
  • Existing registrations for FE 2020 who have not received coupons/refunds will be rolled over to the 2022 event. We will be sending out information with instructions for our new registration page soon.
  • Hotel bookings will open in October. A separate block will be reserved for Dealers, and they will be contacted in the coming weeks with more information.
  • We are not limiting attendance for the event at this time.
  • All attendees will need to agree to our new policies, including those for COVID, in order to complete their registration. This will appear as a mandatory checkbox on the registration form.
  • In the event of any changes, we will provide updates through our social media channels and on our website. We will provide as much notice as possible.

Furrydelphia sets date for next IN PERSON con

Fur Con News: Furnal Equinox/ Cozy Con Online, Furality

From Twitter

While March is still a ways off, we thought a little event to bring folks from our community together again would be great this fall. As it happens, so did our new partner: @cozycononline! Check them out, and stay tuned to us both for more news about FE later this year!

Announcing the next Furality Online Xperience November 5 – 7, 2021 in #VRChat We’re calling upon the heroes (and villains) of the VR furry fandom to come together for our most legendary convention yet! More details will be available in the coming months

Furnal Equinox Virtual Con Starts Today

The Con is being held on their site HERE

Furnal Equinox Seeks Art for VC

Furnal Equinox VC Promo

Online Fur Con Wrap Up

COVID-19 Report: Furnal Equinox

Furnal Equinox cancels there 2020 con in favor of a VC fingers crossed for 2021

Furnal Equinox Store is Open