Furnal Equinox (Canada) Numbers

As posted on their official site

Thank you so much for another wonderful weekend! This year for Tales of the Tavern we saw 3,338 attendees, over 60% more than the 2,026 attendees in 2022. We counted 1,381 fursuiters, and there were probably even more! We are eternally grateful for your continued support after several years without physical conventions and look forward to seeing those numbers continue to grow!

Attendees can expect to see a survey in their email inboxes soon. Please fill this out and let us know what you loved about this year, or how we can do better. Your feedback allows us to plan bigger and better events every year.

In addition, if you have a little bit of time on your paws, we are always looking for more volunteers for our staff. You can find lots of opening in many different departments here on our website – we’d love to have you join us!

The next Furnal Equinox will take place March 15th-17th, 2024, and our theme is Under the Sea! We are extremely proud to announce our Guests of Honor: the Purrmaid queen herself, Kikidoodle; beloved fursuiter maker, SewingStuffs; bird and legendary musician, Avian Invasion!

We will have more news about registration, hotel, and all other important deadlines later this year. Get excited!

Furnal Equinox 2023 GoH

Guests of Honour this year, CheetahPaws and Norman of Sanguine Games! Norman Rafferty is an artist who would become a co-founder and art director of Sanguine Games. For more about Norman, visit https://furnalequinox.com/guest-of-honour-2/

Furnal Equinox (Canada) Reg Open

Furnal Equinox takes place March 17-19, 2023 in Toronto, Canada

Furnal Equinox New Board

Furnal Equinox recently released a statement on their new board.

It’s been a while, and we’ve had a great deal going on behind the scenes. We have selected some new directors, a new Chair, and will have many new perspectives leading the effort to bring you Furnal Equinox going forward.

Due to how extensive the leadership and staff change process has been, we’ve had a later start getting planning under way for #Furnal2023 than you’re likely used to. Rest assured that we are working again, and you’ll be hearing a lot more from us as we enter the fall and parts of the con start to open up in the next few weeks.

Please read below to get some background on everything that’s happened for us this summer, what’s to come for #Furnal2023, and future plans from our chair.

Our Evolution and the New Team

Furnal Equinox has come a long way since we first started. Over that time, we’ve had to change and adapt with each passing year. As our local community grew, so did the Convention.

In recent years, we’ve come together to put on one of the wildest virtual events around, and after a pandemic hiatus, returned once again with an in-person event in 2022.

We can’t thank you enough for your support to help us keep going through those challenging and uncertain times. The last few years have been difficult for all of us, including Furnal Equinox’s staff and leadership. We’ve seen a lot of change as a result: several of our team’s directors have stepped down in recent months, as well as our interim chair.

After a thorough internal recruitment process, we’re adding several new directors to our experienced team. Further, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Avalanche Cascade as our new Chair. A group consisting of AEO Board members, along with incoming and outgoing leaders, oversaw this recruitment.

Please join us in congratulating Avalanche on this new position, and thanking him for stepping up in service to our local fandom.

We’ve invited Avalanche to share a few thoughts and a message for our community as he steps into this new role. 

Looking Toward the Future: New Directors, New Chair, Same Con

I realize I’m in the unenviable position of being the last person standing between you and soon-to-be-released announcements about hotel & registration, but I ask for just a few moments of your time here.

I am honoured by this opportunity to help the convention grow, and humbled by the team’s approval of my candidacy.

A bit about me: I started at Furnal Equinox as Publicity staff in 2018, with some outside leadership and project management experience. I helped the team early on; managed it alone in 2021 following the stress of COVID; and then built and trained an excellent team in 2022.

I put a bid in for Chair because like you, I care deeply about this community and this convention. While many of you may not know me (yet), I’ve done much work behind the scenes: I’ve worked to help revitalize FE during these tumultuous times of late, and make sure the teams I’ve been responsible for not only get the job done, but that they’re empowered to do so.

The convention is so many different things to so many different people, and I realize my vision for it is subjective. Yet at the same time, my hope is that this organization and this convention — your convention — can make us all even more proud of it going forwards.

In the coming years, I see a Furnal Equinox that excites not only furs in the area, but the city of Toronto as well. I see a Furnal Equinox with a plethora of great leaders in its ranks, and staff exemplary of the tremendous diversity, drive, and passion that composes this community. I see a Furnal Equinox growing and embracing its place as Canada’s biggest furry convention.

The Immediate Challenge: Rebuilding and Reigniting the Spark

Are you interested in volunteering (helping out mostly at-con) or staffing (working on bigger projects behind the scenes) with us? We are updating our Volunteers page with new opportunities weekly, and you can apply here: https://furnalequinox.com/volunteer-2/

This new director and chair team is composed of veteran Furnal Equinox staff, who have worked to bring you the best convention experience possible for several years already, and will no doubt continue to do so going forward.

However, I cannot stress enough that we still need your help. If you have ever had any interest in staffing, in being a part of a great team, trying just a bit to see what it’s like, or even leading a team, now is your time.

We are a team that’s rebuilding at the present moment. As many of you saw leading up to the con earlier this year, and likely continuing for a while longer, I and our publicity team were putting out numerous ads for open staff positions.

We still have those staffing needs to help FE live up to its potential. Indeed, it is no easy feat to put on a show if there’s no one around to open the curtains and turn on the lights!

We have big, small, and some in-between-sized roles, all doing most anything you can imagine to help get a con off the ground — programming before and at-con, positions with our Nightingales team (who look after attendee safety and security), publicity, A/V, and more, even volunteering as little as one hour of your spare time at the convention. 

All staff get BIG rewards, from free con attendance, to free con merch, staff events, and much more!

You can let us know what you’re interested in with the volunteers form on our website here. I and the team look forward to working with you : )

Conclusion: Moving Forward

As we gear up for another convention season, our team is setting plans in motion to refresh and reorganize Furnal Equinox so it can continue bringing you great experiences and memories for many more years to come.

Once again, thank you for all the support you’ve given us — and now, it’s time for some different members of our team to give back to you, by creating even more new and exciting times at Furnal Equinox 2023 and beyond.

We know you’re all ready to see us start opening up again, and that time is coming very soon! Be sure to stay tuned, and/or follow us on Twitter or Facebook (@FurnalEquinox) for all the latest updates!

Warmest regards,

Avalanche Cascade

Furnal Equinox Convention Chair

Chaos — Eilowny — Paroscin — Twitchy

Furnal Equinox Convention Directors

Aaeden — Ace Shep — Dralen — Kootenay — Scani — Skylier Rain

Anthropomorphic Events of Ontario Board of Directors

Furnal Equinox Both Virtual and In Person

They are in deed taking place at the same time.

It costs a min if $5 to register

Culturally F’d! & Fursuit Making Contest

…and who is providing all that fake fur?

Furnal Equinox 2022 Guest of Honor

Furnal Equinox is proud to welcome our Guests of Honour this year – Anyare and Dr. Wildlife! Our first guest, Anyare, animator and illustrator, has had artwork published as an accompaniment for furry literature. To learn more about Anyare, LINK

Furnal Equinox 2022 is A Go

In an open letter posted to their site

To our community,

We are pleased to inform everyone that we will proceed with an in-person event as scheduled from March 18 – 20, 2022.

We are aware that the Ontario government has recently announced changes to public health measures effective March 1st. As such, we want to affirm that Furnal Equinox will continue to require proof of vaccination and wearing of masks for admission to our event. We are updating our COVID policies to reflect up-to-date guidance. We will share this in the next few days and continue to update with any further changes.

We received over 1,200 responses to our survey over the last two weeks and sincerely appreciate all the feedback. In making our decision, there were three principles that guided us:

  • Service to our community. Many stated they were comfortable with an in-person event. We have always recognized the impact that conventions like ours have in building community, and how difficult the pandemic has made the last couple of years. We also recognize that for our dealers, this decision impacts livelihoods.
  • Risk mitigation. We can’t absolutely guarantee anyone’s safety at a convention. However, we recognize that public health measures — such as vaccinations, masking, hand hygiene, and physical distancing — do work. We are encouraged by other events that implemented these measures and ran safely. We are also strongly encouraged by public health trends here in Ontario, where cases and hospitalizations have decreased over the past several weeks. 
  • Looking to the future. Having an in-person event is the best way to ensure we can continue to serve the community and uphold our values of community, creativity, diversity, and charity, both now and for years to come.

We recognize that not everyone will feel comfortable attending a convention right now. To anyone who will not attend in person, we hope you will consider attending our Virtual Furnal Equinox, held at the same time as our in-person event. If you had previously registered for FE 2020 and rolled forward your registration, we are happy to honour that registration for FE 2023.

The furry fandom has a long history of celebrating our creativity and diversity, and providing support and aid to those who need it.

We do this not in private, but out in the open. Despite the progress we’ve made in fighting this pandemic, those values of diversity and mutual support have been visibly challenged. It’s all the more important for us to come together and show that our community may have been tested in fire over these years — but it is not broken.

We thank you all for the support, trust, and patience that you have given us on this challenging road since the last Furnal Equinox in March 2019. We have missed you all deeply, and look forward to seeing you in a matter of weeks.


Furnal Equinox Leadership Team

(Aaeden, Eilowny, Iggly, Kootenay, Paro, Scani)

Floof Con Attendance, Furnal Equinox Seeks Volunteers