Furry Camping 2022

This list actually came about because a friend wants to do a furry camping event and was unable to find one nearby. All listed have been double checked and are current as of this posting.

Big Sky Camp Paw (USA)
July 21-25, 2022 Big Sky Paw https://www.camppaw.org/ Fales Flat Group Campground, Montana

CabinCon (England)
July 9 CabinCon https://cabincon.wixsite.com/home Scarborough North Bay, England

Campfire Tails (USA)
August 1-5 Campfire Tails https://campfiretails.org/ Deschutes National Forest near La Pine, Oregon

CastleCon (Germany)
June 17-19 https://castlecon.de/ Schütteberg, Germany

Central Canada Fur Camp (Canada)

Sept 8-11 https://manitobafurries.org/ccfc/ Camp Wasaga, Manitoba Canada

Feral! (Canada)
Aug 25-29 https://campferal.org/ Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada

FurcoNZ (New Zealand)
May 20-23 https://www.furconz.org.nz/ Forest Lakes, Otaki New Zealand

Furgether (Austria)
Sept 16-19 https://www.furgether.at/en/ Laussa, Austria

Furthest North (Canada)
Sept 1-5 Furthest North http://furthestnorth.ca/#home Alberta, Canada

Harvest Moon Howl Fest
Postponed to 2023 Maryland, USA

Lakeside Furs (Austria)
July 2-9 https://www.lakesidefurs.at/home Salzberg, Austria

Wild Nights (USA)
April 21-25 http://wildnights.org/ Wilburton, OK

World Wild Fur Camp (USA)
https://www.worldwildfurcamps.com/ Hamilton, Ohio currently postponed

Woods Flock (USA)
April 1-3 http://www.woodsflock.com/ Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN (Has already happened)

Confuzzled Icons

By now most of are familiar with the accessible attendee communications badges MFF used for it’s 2021 gathering. Confuzzled has taken this idea to the next level.

We’ve designed a huge set of totally custom and furry-con-themed icons for clear and accessible attendee communications during our convention. We hope you enjoy seeing them around in May!

Some of these I like to get my paws on.