NFTs Went Bust

This headline from CoinDesk says it all

‘Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet’ NFT Went on Sale for $48M. It Ended With a Top Bid of Just $280

Crypto entrepreneur Sina Estavi bought Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million last year. He listed the NFT for sale again at $48 million last week.

I know others been saying this for a while now there is sold proof

Including this

Iranian-born crypto entrepreneur Sina Estavi purchased the NFT for $2.9 million in March 2021. Last Thursday, he announced on Twitter that he wished to sell the NFT, and pledged 50% of its proceeds (which he thought would exceed $25 million) to charity. The auction closed Wednesday, with just seven total offers ranging from 0.09 ETH ($277 at current prices) to 0.0019 ETH (almost $6).

I just saw an ad that this morning that still is saying NFTs are going to be the next big thing, like 3D TVs.

DenFur 2022 Registration Open

I almost missed this one as it quietly opened a few weeks ago.

Prepare for sticker shock

Then there is the Day Pass which I normally don’t mention. Because we all know what it should cost $40-60 is pretty much standard.

But not at DenFur 2022 and the most expensive Day Pass I have ever seen.

Your seeing right $75, we will have to see if other cons follow.

You can register here