Confuror 2022 Registration Now Open

Some might think those prices are fake, but they are from their site PLUS they are running an Early Bird Special

Of course Prices do go UP

Pre-registration (Phase 2)
August 12 to September 16
$57 usd$92 usd$122 usd

But still compared to a lot of cons. This is cheap and Guadalajara, Jalisco. México is easy to go down there. If you want to do a fur con that takes place October 20-23 this is an actual option for some of you.

Ukrainian Reality Star Dodges Bullets To Save Up To 30 Dogs & Cats Per Day

From Iheartdogs

Alexei Surovtsev is well-known in Ukraine. As an actor, striptease champion, and performer on his country’s version of Dancing With The Stars, he has amassed many fans. But Surovtsev’s greatest role to date is that of hero.

His efforts to save stranded pets from the warzones of his hometown have earned him the nickname “Cat Saviour of Irpin.” However, “Pet Savior” is a more accurate title as Surovtsev also rescues dogs and any other creature in need. One of his Instagram videos shows a pair of chinchillas he helped extract from the city’s wreckage.

The buff animal lover makes frequent missions into Irpin’s most dangerous areas, emerging with “20 to 30 tails” per day, most of them left behind by their fleeing owners. Some are reunited with their original families or given to friends to be transported to other cities and countries.

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