Fired by Starbucks, Union Organizer Now Wears His Fursuit to Rallies


Michael Vestigo wasn’t sure, at first, if he wanted to bring his fursuit to the union rally in Seattle.

Starbucks fired Vestigo from the Starbucks store in Overland Park, Kansas, on April 1—a week after he and his co-workers staged a walkout to protest unsafe working conditions and retaliation from management against their unionization efforts. That morning, his manager pulled him aside and fired him effective immediately for “displaying violent and threatening behavior,” he told me.

Have anyone one of you, ever spoken to a Starbucks employee that wasn’t taking your order. They get it from both sides. Customers complaining that a coffee should not cost over $20 because all they wanted was 17 shots of this or that. Just look to YouTube if you doubt me. Bosses who want them to work overtime for FREE. Then there is that group I won’t say it’s location but it’s only for Starbucks employees. One story I remember where an employee was suppose to work Part time because they were still in High School, but there boss wanted them to work to closing and for no money.

Starbucks employees need union protection. Being fired over refusing to serve a violent customer or getting assaulted by their boss. The sad thing is there are most worse stories out there. Worse yet most of the employees don’t know about the legal protections that are already in place. Sexual Harassment should not be allowed in the workplace.

I support Starbucks employees getting a union.

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