Infurnity (Taiwan) Reg Open

In case your wondering about the cost in USD it’s $49 to $489

Infurnity (Taiwan) Reg Open

For a moment take a look at the art attached to each tier, amazing isn’t it

To register

Infurnity (Taiwan) Photo and Numbers

fursuit group shot is released with a total of 304 fursuits! The final number of attendees was 1,588 this year & 140,200 TWD was raised in the charity raffle! The large size of fursuit group photo could be downloaded at our Google drive:

Infurnity (Taiwan) Registration Open


Sorry I could not show you the different levels of membership. Apparently you have to login to see the rates. But instead a bit of con swag that might interest some.

LINK to Con Store

Infurnity (Taiwan) Official Poster

official con poster has been released! Special thanks to

@AKIYAkamikawa for the awesome work. Join the fun with yourself in different species from the multiverse! REG will be open 6/11~9/30. If you’re attending Furrymosa on 6/11, you may visit us to pay on-site.

Infurnity (Taiwan) Returns

After two years of online activities, #Infurnity will return this year in 2022! On October 29th and 30th, the long-awaited physical convention will be held at Fullon Hotel Tamsui, with a new theme – Multifurse! More info will be announced soon!

Fur Con News: Infurnity Online

Taiwan’s Infurnity will be holding an Online version of their convention on Oct 30 & 31 2021 and anyone in the entire world with internet access will be able to take part. Official site

In the meantime

nfurnity Online 2.0 is recruiting furry theme videos for our video streaming program! 📢
Published or not, animation or short film, your furry video will get a chance to be streamed in our online festival!
More info HERE

Infurnity Online 2.0 invites artists all over the world to join our online dealers den!

Commission, online store, digital products and such are all welcome!
Submission info LINK

nfurnity Online 2.0 is going to bring you our official Discord server for all attendees to interact and stream this year! 📢
We’re looking forward to seeing you on our server as the streamer (with a very easy application!)
Check out our website for details! HERE

There are deadlines for all of this