Fur Con News: Furry Boating Trip Taiwan

Infurnity Taiwan’s Own fur con is offering something so unique it has to be seen to be believed. A river cruise open to furries and fursuiters.

According to the Official Page on Infurnity’s own site

Hello fellow furries! For the first time this year, we will roll out a brand new event on Friday: the Furry Boating Trip!

We’ve chartered a double-decker yacht, departing from Fisherman’s Wharf.
We welcome everyone to come along, and enjoy Tamsui and the sunset with us!

Tamsui is a river in Taiwan

Infurnity 2021 Official Poster

Infurnity, JMoF Announcements

■ Infurnity – First 10 panelists officially announced

Taiwanese furcon Infurnity has recently announced a total of 10 panelists for their VRChat-based furcon, to be held at end-October.

■ JMoF – Timetable for “Prologue” online event released

As more furcons virtualise, JMoF jumps aboard with VR JMoF, a online furcon of their own. Though the main edition will hold in January next year, their “Prologue” event is right in October, in case you can’t wait for it.

And just recently, the furcon has released a timetable for the “Prologue” event, which lasts for two days and contains time slots for VRChat interaction, DJ sets, a group photo session and the ceremonies.

Infurnity Seeks Streamers

Now is your chance to be a part of something that is truly international. LINK to APPLY

Infurnity is based in Taiwan