Introducing The Alfurnative

The Alfurnative is a brand new fur con that will be taking place Sept 30 to Oct 2, 2022 in Delft, Netherlands It is so new that there only outlets are Twitter and Telegram.

They are using what I assume is site like EventBrite for their registration and Hotel Bookings

Sponsor Donation

This is the first time we’re trying a more traditional ”Hotel Con” in The Netherlands. Any support you give us will directly go to running the con and planning for future ones! We offer you a bottle opener at 10 euro, a signed poster at 30 euro and a T-shirt at 60! –The Alfurnative Team

Day Ticket Friday

Just the entry ticket for friday! You’ll be asked to leave at 11 PM.


Day Ticket Saturday

Just the entry ticket for Saturday! You’ll be asked to leave at 11 PM.


Day Ticket (Both Days)

Just the entry ticket for both days!


More on The Staff tomorrow

Here is a LINK to their Twitter

PhiliFur (Philippines) Update

Since my last report way back in March PhiliFur gave us a few updates

Guest of Honor

and Ticket prices let me remind everyone that PhiliFur is a 1 day event that takes place in Elements at ETON Centris, Quezon City Philippines on Sept 24