The Alfurnative: Meet-The-Staff

I just had to share this amazing artwork The Alfurnative had created to highlight their staff.

The first in our Meet-The-Staff series: Meet Mylunee, our very own head of the Dealers Den! They’ll be replying to your filled out forms and questions regarding the ‘Den, and have experience from other conventions in the runnings of one!

Meet @SwitchMegaWolf , our Social Media and PR lead! He’ll be active in our social channels and representing us on other conventions, replying to your questions and handling contacts that approach us from outside the convention teams!

Meet @DibsRazell — well known for his organisation of @DutchFurdance — whose insight and assistance will run through our event space and dealers den, part of our security and welfare teams!

The original posts do not mention who is the artists that created such beautiful works. But whoever you are “How much do you charge for a commission?”

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