John Oliver’s Fursona Comission

John Oliver is the host of Last Week Tonight and stand up comic. On his program which is available on YouTube he does hard looks in to the way the real world operates and sometimes he is the only one that explains subjects that the other news services miss. Such as why windmills are bad, and the real reason why bees are dying.

John Oliver’s furry leanings were revealed 2 years ago with this

and now his fursona

To quote what was posted on their social media

You asked, and we delivered! To be clear, you did not ask for this image of John Ottiver, but nevertheless, that is what we are delivering to you. Behold him in all his chiseled, harmless glory!

Floof Con Update

Floof Con is a virtual con that will be taking place on Aug 5-7 and they had some interesting updates. Like their con book

and a preview of their “Hotel” in Minecraft

Is Nitro Pepsi Worth the Hype?

To date this is the only cola that I ever drank that had pouring instructions.

What I found and as you can clearly see above is a cola that looks and pours like Guinness. But as for the taste, that’s another matter entirely. It doesn’t even taste like Pepsi, in fact what I found was flat, and had a strong dollar store cola flavor. I really wish I got something else. The $2.49 I paid for this piece of crap was a total waste of money. I totally agree with all those who have publicly tried Nitro Pepsi and found it hugely disappointing. I really wish I could get my money back.