The Act Man Vs. Quantum TV

This is not a rant, I am just someone who is trying to figure out what is going on. Without all that Drama Llama crap that is out there. I swear with all the shouting and counterattacks it looks like we are reliving the 2020 Presidential Election.

Apparently all this is over is copyright and fair use. I am just simplifying this so even I understand it. I won’t get into who is saying what. But Fair Use on YouTube has really been a mixed issue over the last few years. What I am talking about is gaming videos, which as the biggest user of Fair Use. At one time, if you had more than 10 seconds of a game, or music YouTube would take it down. Why? Nintendo or some 3rd Party.

The video below goes into a lot of the Legal Issues, when you make a copyright claim. LAWYERS will be involved like it or not.

I think this all comes down to $$$ we all know YouTube will pay us if one of our videos get enough views. To what the exact rate is, 3 searches, 3 different answers. They ask us do we want to Monetize our video with every new upload. The truth is something like 90% of all videos won’t get a single penny.

So like a politician content creators go on rants for views.

Check for yourself it works.

Money is behind this, and this comes from someone with a video with over 1k views. You think I see pennies? Not a single one, but mark my words all this is a cash grab. I will even go on records saying once it calms down someone is going to sue someone else.

Furality Registration Open

I think by now we are pretty use to these online cons being free. But not now…

The cheapest is $15 and for that you do get something