Brasil FurFest Registration Open

Garanta já seu ingresso para a BFF 2022! Faça parte da Brasil FurFest 2022 – A Fantástica Fábrica de Doces, que vai rolar de 15 a 17 de julho no hotel Sheraton, em Santos! Você encontra mais informações sobre a convenção e as inscrições em nosso website:

This is one case where I think translating what was said would not help. Basically unless you are going you really need to know the language.

Vancoufur Hiring Party

Here is your chance if you live in the Vancouver area to work or volunteer for a fur con.

Mark your calendars for the VF2023 Hiring Party, June 26th @ 12pm-5pm pacific!

If you’ve wanted to volunteer, this is your chance to come, meet other volunteers, ask questions, peek behind the scenes! @ the Sheraton Guildford Hotel & Discord Refreshments will be provided.

A Spot of Murder by Bill Siracusa

Fur Planet will soon be releasing a true furry mystery. Being a fan of the genre I am truly excited for this one. But unless your going to Anthrocon your going to have to wait before it becomes available on their site.

To quote Fur Planet

Been a while since we’ve had a furry mystery story. A Spot of Murder by @unstablebill will be available at Anthrocon too. And it has a hyena MC!

Zootopia+ Starts Nov 9th

Finally announced! Zootopia+ will premiere November 9th on Disney+. Can’t wait!!!