This Cat’s Fake Twitter Has No Patience For Boris During PM’s Series of Scandals

Larry above is a 15 year old cat, and Chief Mouser at Number 10 Downing Street home and office of the British Prime Minster.

Now Larry on Twitter is a different matter, one who pokes fun at British politics, and basically says things no human would say. If your into British humor and know little about the British political system you will have fun. I put myself as one of @Number10cat 623.8K followers.

In a message to Gizmodo, the Larry the Cat parody account wrote “While the scandals that have led to Johnson’s downfall have been serious and often heartbreaking, that doesn’t mean that he can’t be made a figure of fun.”

Johnson came to power in a landslide victory for his Conservative Party back in 2019, promising to continue with the Brexit proceedings, but subsequent scandals such as alleged “lockdown parties” made his tenure a routine “joke.” The most recent embarrassment to rock his administration was when a conservative lawmaker appointed by Johnson, Chris Pincher (give it a second, it’s a very ironic name), reportedly groped two men at a London club. Johnson was reportedly warned of Pincher’s past behavior. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday saw a flurry of resignations from high ranking ministers and officials.

My favorite post

You can follow Larry here

The article on Gizmondo about why we love Larry

Given the way Boris Johnson has been putting Larry in Charge would be a step for the better.

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