Careful of You’ll End Up… by Martin Porro

Brian wants to be a published author, but he’s about to learn there’s more to it than putting words on paper, as well as what it means to be a friend. Find out how in CAREFUL OR YOU’LL END UP IN MY NOVEL by Martin Porro. Available Now!

Beyond These Walls We Smile by H J Pang and Carmen K F Welsh Jr

BEYOND THE WALLS WE SMILE, written by @HJPang3 and illustrated by @kayfey! This tale for young readers is about Roslan, an otter pup with ADHD and his time in a special facility for children with similar special needs.

Available Here

The Eastern Horizon by F Gibbs

The city of Vancouver lies in ruins, broken by the quake and burnt to ashes by those who war over its remains. Will and his Mistress Anne must fight to protect those who have survived from a man known only as The Master and his army of thralls… including Will’s best friend Davies.
A final battle and only one force can dominate the city. Will has only two choices: To follow his willing submission to Anne and risk the lives of everyone or save his friend by offering himself up to the soul-crushing ownership of The Master.

Is available from TH Bound Tales

The Furry Game Show Network edited by Brianne Kendall

I bet for a second you wondered if it was real. Actually it is a collection of short stories.

Hello folks and welcome to the Furry Game Show Network! We’ve got a stacked programming block for you tonight, starting with the delicious delicacies of our very own “MasterCook” before we head into “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and honestly, who doesn’t these days? We’ve also got a new episode of that old favorite “Legends of the Hidden Temple”, trivia games, robot wars, and our first annual Miss International Beauty Contest! And don’t forget for the older audiences, we’ve got our late-night programming block, so make sure to tuck the wee’uns in before then!

So sit back, tune in, grab some popcorn and we’ll be right back after these messages!

You can find it here

A Drop In the Motion by Dwale

Available Now!

@ThornAppleCider‘s final work, A DROP IN THE MOTION, is live and available in both a paperback and a hardcover edition. Check it out at the link and thanks to everyone who contributed to make the tribute pages that much specialer!


Attack of the Killer : Now Available


If Stephen King has taught us anything over the past several decades, it’s that we shouldn’t trust anything in the world around us. Clowns, car, chattery teeth, disembodied fingers, St. Bernards, little girls, old people in their RVs, antique cameras, antique stores, and Kindles all have the potential for evil.

Featuring fourteen writers in this newest volume of our Howlers series, evil things can be found in all manner of everyday objects: you will be horrified by a couch that does more than swallow the sitter’s tushy; a saxophone that enchants and bewitches; and a fursuit, that most innocent and expensive symbol of a fandom, with a not-so-innocent backstory.

By book’s end, maybe you’ll think twice about that radio or photograph not being particularly threatening. You just never know when the next killer will be upon you!

Available Here

What The Fox?! Now Available

Get your funny bone tickled in WHAT THE FOX?!, funny furry stories edited by the late Fred Patten! Everything from a llama barbershop quartet to a rabbit king battling a dinosaur! Avail. in both deluxe illustrated and standard (no illustrations) editions!

Available here

Furries Among Us 3 Now Available

Before AMONG US, there was…FURRIES AMONG US! Specifically, this third volume in the ongoing series collecting essays from some big names in the fandom, talking about the furry perspective when it comes to art, politics, religion, sex, and everything!

Available Here

Once a-Fawn a Time Now Available

Once upon a time… in a fairy tale land, many erotic adventures were to be had in these tales as old as time, furry writers show off the fun times had in the land of fantasy and folklore, in ONCE A-FAWN A TIME edited by @Howl_folf and available now! HERE