Fin Fur Animus (Finland) Numbers, Dutch Fur Con Packing List

Fin Fur Animus (Finland)

Thanks to volunteers and 249 attendees who attended FinFur Animus 2022 – Tailspiracy Theories. Photos from the convention can be studied at:

Dutch Fur Con (Netherlands) which starts tomorrow has released a list of suggestions

Hey furs and friends, we hope you’re all having a great weekend, got signed up for activities, and are getting the hype building for next week! This update is to help you prepare for the event. It’ll include a packing list, our corona guidelines and your room assignments!

First things first, covid is still very much a thing, and we’re still very much careful. It’s become a bit inconvenient to check people’s vaccination, so our guideline is as follows:

-We require full vaccination to attend DFC. That means: 1 shot of Janssen vaccine, or 2 shots of Pfizer/Moderna/AstraZeneca, or whatever counts as a full vaccination in your country of origin. Boosters are highly recommended but not required.
-Everyone in the EU should still be able to create an international proof of vaccination. We are no longer able to scan QR codes, but your app should contain all the info we need. We compare this to the info on your ID to make sure it’s actually you.
-If you don’t have an app available in your country anymore, paper proof, or a picture or scan thereof, will suffice too. Make sure this contains your personal information, information about the vaccination that was used, and the date(s) of vaccination.
-Testing this week, using a home test or PCR test if available, is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. We don’t require proof of negative test, but we do really encourage everyone to get tested beforehand. Should your test come up positive, reach out to us and we’ll discuss (partially) refunding your ticket. We understand that not being able to attend after so long would be a huge bummer, but infecting 120 people with covid would, in our opinion, be even worse.
-Corona self-tests will be available during the convention. If you start showing symptoms or otherwise suspect having covid, please ask us for a self-test. If the test turns up positive, we’ll discuss the possibilities for isolation or leaving the event.

Everyone’s honesty and cooperation is required to make it possible to hold this event to the fullest, without mandatory masking policies. Please adhere to the above rules and be honest. Don’t risk everyone else’s health just to attend the event. We absolutely understand how sad it would be to get hit by covid in these days, but if this approach doesn’t work, we can’t guarantee that we can hold mask-free and distance-free events in the future.

We’ve done what we can to fulfill all your roommate wishes, and the results are available now! You can check your roommates at If anyone’s unhappy with their assignments, please arrange a change with people yourself first, and then contact @Guynio to get it registered. Unhappy with your assignment, but not in touch with anyone to change? You can still message Guynio to try and work something out, but no promises can be made.

Here’s our recommendations of what to bring for next week’s event! It’s looking to be pretty warm, so extra emphasis on bringing light, airy clothing and plenty of hydration and protection. We always have a supply of sunscreen, water and straws and such available, but if you want to be 100% sure that something’s available, bring it yourself!

Wait there’s more

-Clothing. We’re expecting warm weather, so you’d best prepare for that. It can get chilly in the evening though, so a sweater might be a good idea. If you want to participate in the more active events, bringing some extra clothing can help; a change of clothes when sweaty never hurts. If you want to prepare for the worst, an umbrella might come in handy at times as well. We recommend comfortable walking shoes as well, for things like the furwalk or field games.
-Swimsuit for the swimming pool or water balloon fights.
-Towels for after showering or swimming.
-Bathroom gear (shampoo, toothbrush and the like)
-The location provides a mattress, sheet, blanket and pillow. However, if you know that you need plenty of support, or want a bigger or warmer blanket, you should bring your own!
-Identification. An ID-card, passport or driver’s license will suffice. You absolutely need to bring this, we will check this when you pick up your badge.
-A good mood. This is also mandatory.

-Sunscreen and other essential protections. We provide a lot of things if you ask about ’em, but better safe than sorry by bringing it yourself! Also think of something like anti-mosquito spray.
-Chargers for the devices you will want to charge during the weekend.
-Sport stuff. We’ll bring a football, a volleyball and that kind of stuff, but if you’ve got things that’ll make it better, you’re free to bring those.
-Board- and card games. We’ll bring a number of these, but again, more is usually better. Role-playing games and things like Munchkin usually do well. Plenty of Magic the Gathering players at DFC, too!
-Flashlight for in the evening and the night games
-Your favorite pen/pencil, laptop and drawing tablet, whatever you need to draw, if you’re into that kind of thing.
-Sketchbook and character references to do art trades!
-Your fursuit, but we didn’t need to tell you that
-Your bank card or cash money for alcoholic beverages at the bar or buying items at the Dealer’s Den.
-Costumes or props to blend in with the theme.

-Prop weapons are allowed at the event. According to Dutch national law, any fake weapons must be directly and unquestionably recognizable as fake even from a distance. Just having an orange tip is not always enough! When in doubt, send us a photo and we’ll do our best to assess it. We can reject fake prop weapons or confiscate them during the convention if we think they might not adhere to the law. We will, of course, return them after the convention if we do so! There’s no penalty for this, it’s just to make sure the police don’t penalize you in our stead!
-We feel we don’t have to say this, but just in case: do not bring actual weapons, firearms or otherwise. There ARE penalties for these. Nerf guns and super soakers are fair play, but only fire them at people who have shown active consent.
-Be wary of bringing extravagant fetishistic gear. A collar without a leash is fine, but things like leashes, harnesses or latex are a no-go in the public spaces. The convention is 21+, but that doesn’t mean everyone there has consented to being exposed to fetish items.
-Try to keep the booze at an agreeable level. We won’t confiscate or reject any of it, but DFC is not a place to get yourself wasted. A social buzz is fine, but keep it responsible.