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Fur Con News: Texas Furry Siesta & Wild Times COVID Policy

Texas Furry Siesta COVID Policy

Wild Times (Germany) recently released their COVID policy


After talks with the health department we got to the (unavoidable) conclusion that Wild Times 2021 can only be held for those who are fully vaccinated (with only very few exceptions possible e.g. for health reasons).

You must provide proof of vaccination AND a certificate that you got tested negative in the past 24 hours when you arrive at the convention. We will also ask you to fill out a small sheet where you will need to state your full name and address as well as telephone number which we need to collect to share with the health department in case of an outbreak.

Please keep in mind that any rules / regulations are still subject to change as the government can make adjustments.

Getting Tested & Arrival

When you arrive at the location you need to have both: proof of vaccination and an official certified negative test result. We do not accept self-test kits etc. for arrival.

We highly suggest getting this negative test certificate before you get on your way to the convention.

Tested Positive?

In case you get tested positive, you’d be advised to get a so-called PCR test. This one can take around 24 hours.

If the PCR Test is negative:

We would refund the first day of convention in this case (as you wouldn’t be allowed to attend when you got tested positive for Wild Times).

If the PCR Test is positive:

You aren’t allowed to attend Wild Times. We’d refund the full convention for you.

Wearing Masks

Of course we highly suggest wearing masks at any given time. You will be allowed to wear fabric masks inside the building (in addition to the typical medical / ffp2 masks you may also wear). Fursuiters do not need to wear facial masks underneath their fursuit head.

If you’re sitting down inside the building (e.g. for dinner) you do not need to wear a mask either.

In the Main Hall and the Gaming area you’re required to wear masks all the time (exception: Fursuiters).

Outside and on your room you do not need to wear masks, tho of course we recommend using them when possible.

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