Furcationland & Short Folks for Hope

Thank you for meeting with us yesterday @shortfolks! The FCL Board of Directors are already looking forward to our future donations to your charity!

Short Folks for Hope is a cancer support agency

Aurawra (Australia) & Twenty10

We’re proud to announce that due to the generous donations from our community at Aurawra we have raised $6978.35 for @Twenty10 We’re glad we can support a charity that is doing such amazing work for the LGBTQIA+ community, especially in protecting it’s vulnerable youth.

August 2022 Fur Cons

1-5 Campfire Tails https://campfiretails.org/ Deschutes National Forest near La Pine, Oregon
5-7 Wisconsin Wilderness Campout https://wildernesscampout.org/ Astico County Park Columbus, WI
5-7 Megaplex https://megaplexcon.org/ Orlando, FL
11-15 Campfire Tails https://campfiretails.org/ La Pine, OR
12-14 Wild Praire Fur Con https://wpfcon.ca/ Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
12-14 Argentina Fur Fiesta https://new.furfiesta.com/ Buenos Aires, Argentina
19-21 DenFur https://www.denfur.org/ Denver, CO
24-28 Eurofurence https://www.eurofurence.org/EF26/ Berlin, Germany
25-29 Feral! https://campferal.org/ Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
26-28 Furrydelphia http://www.furrydelphia.org/ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
26-28 IndyFurCon http://www.indyfurcon.com/ Indianapolis, IN