The Gun Incident @ Megaplex

I am fully aware of Gun Rights, but in these days of Mass Shootings. When someone sees someone else with a gun they instantly get scared. Count me in I get scared too. But please we aware that cons are Private. so are hotels. Unless it is clearly started by the hotel guns are banned, and I am aware of cons having this one unposted rule that if you get caught with a gun. Your perma banned. Although I can’t say in this case. But please if you own a gun keep it in the trunk, and not bring it to a con or any public gathering

Megaplex 2022 Numbers

2786 Three Day
367 Sponsors
309 Super Sponsors
23 Mega Sponsors
5 Giga Sponsors
111 Staff
7 Board
135 Dealers
12 Guests
2 GOHs
161 Friday
611 Saturday
110 Sunday
for a total of 4662 ATTENDEES!

1024 fursuiters in the parade

$70,000 raised for chairty

Compared to 2021

2021: 3185

2022: 4662 Meaning folks they grown by 1477


2021: $50,000

2022: $70,000

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