Pepper Coyote Banned from Eurofurence

With a recent posting on Eurofurence Telegram page we got more details of what Pepper Coyote actually did.

Pepper Coyote attended a political convention. US-based socialist political group Center of Political Innovation (CPI) hosted it.

There, attendees flew among other items: a pro-Russian ‘Z’ war symbol, and the Donetsk People’s Republic flag – a separatist area east of Ukraine.

Furries strongly condemned Pepper Coyote, since this CPI event came during the Russia-Ukraine war . Widely, people saw him as being insensitive.

Slowly fur cons are kick him off their schedules.

and with that

Eurofurence BoD wishes to inform our attendees that, after careful consideration, Pepper Coyote will not be performing at EF 26. Apologies for the late change in the events schedule.