How Not To Submit An Article

I was contacted via email by Derek Cannon of hobbyjr dot org to post an article. We went back and forth a bit. Like I do when anyone wants to submit something. The original article was suppose to be on quilting… odd I know. So I waited and what I got is partially below.

As for the rest of it and why I am not posting it. The article reads like a scam, worse of all he tells lies about how I promote this site and that I make a profit (LOL). Also making look like I endorse certain software, mind you I am expert. But I even know you just have to be careful with strange software.

Like a scammer or a really bad joke. I don’t take stuff like this very lightly, and that is why I am calling them out on this.

Oh I did email them back and like a scammer no replies

This is why I am extra careful when someone wants to submit something.

Furry Tram Munich, Germany

Text translated

Dear guests!

Please note that the failure of our special train, which lasted two years, has now ended, because the journey through Munich can finally begin on Sat, October 15th, 2022.