How Not To Submit An Article

I was contacted via email by Derek Cannon of hobbyjr dot org to post an article. We went back and forth a bit. Like I do when anyone wants to submit something. The original article was suppose to be on quilting… odd I know. So I waited and what I got is partially below.

As for the rest of it and why I am not posting it. The article reads like a scam, worse of all he tells lies about how I promote this site and that I make a profit (LOL). Also making look like I endorse certain software, mind you I am expert. But I even know you just have to be careful with strange software.

Like a scammer or a really bad joke. I don’t take stuff like this very lightly, and that is why I am calling them out on this.

Oh I did email them back and like a scammer no replies

This is why I am extra careful when someone wants to submit something.