Beyond These Walls We Smile by H J Pang and Carmen K F Welsh Jr

BEYOND THE WALLS WE SMILE, written by @HJPang3 and illustrated by @kayfey! This tale for young readers is about Roslan, an otter pup with ADHD and his time in a special facility for children with similar special needs.

Available Here

The Eastern Horizon by F Gibbs

The city of Vancouver lies in ruins, broken by the quake and burnt to ashes by those who war over its remains. Will and his Mistress Anne must fight to protect those who have survived from a man known only as The Master and his army of thralls… including Will’s best friend Davies.
A final battle and only one force can dominate the city. Will has only two choices: To follow his willing submission to Anne and risk the lives of everyone or save his friend by offering himself up to the soul-crushing ownership of The Master.

Is available from TH Bound Tales

Philifur (Philippines) Updates

PhiliFUR 2022: The Cyberspace is coming September 24, 2022 at Elements at ETON Centris, Quezon City, Philippines

The Alfurnative’s Mascot

Meet our mascot, Vivienne (‘Viv’)! A sassy and loud party animal! With her Aardwolf genetics, she can give herself quite the mohawk that will gather all the attention, if she hasn’t already gotten that in any other way. She’s excited to see you at our con!

The Alfurnative — A brand new furry convention in South-Holland, The Netherlands!

30.09.22 – 02.10.22

Spin The Bottle by Dajan Tafari

Take a bite out of “Spin the Bottle” by @DajanTheLion and experience the Predation Games held at Gainsville University. It is eat or be eaten in this world, will Chance be able to survive the term? Find out at Fenris in both book and digital download!