Little Island Fur Con Registration Open

LIFC will be an online event and besides Registration is of course free.

Important Notice: Upcoming Updates

Just wanted to let everyone know due to me traveling back to Chicago that I will not be updating both this Sunday Oct 2nd and Monday October 3rd. Everything will be back to normal on Tuesday

ACFI COVID Policy Change

Updates to ACFI’s Covid-19 Policy and FAQ

Due to the US and other countries like Canada removing these mandates as well as the CDC stating it is now safe to remove mask mandates, the ACFI will not be requiring masks. We want everyone to feel safe, so feel free to wear one. This portion of the poilcy has also been removed from the CoC, Rule# 3 – Our Rating (Dress Code). 

As a vendor, you may ask that people wear one at your table.  Please note that the ACFI will not be providing masks so you will need to provide your own.  Please be respectful of other’s decisions on Masking, as any harassment is a violation of Rule #8 of the CoC and engaging in controversy is against Rule# 14, Tradition 10.

For more information regarding our policy please go to

My Evansville, IN Trip #4 Old Favs

I will admit on my last trip, that I really didn’t do very much. But these days post pandemic has kinda of caused a hiccup in my plans. The Museums I hope to hit today aren’t even open to tomorrow. So I am taking today to catch up on my photos.

My trip yesterday began with a rude Uber Driver. I know reporting them to Uber won’t do any good, simply because I am scared any complaint I make will get back to them of someone I am scared about.

After a drop off and many block walk I went to Penny Lane Coffee House. Super nice and the Orange juice and banana smoothee I had recharged my battery.

Then on to the Reitz House

A Victorian Home which I last saw 4 years ago, although the tour this year was shorter this year. Mainly due to on going repairs after all the house is over 150 years old

After lunch I went to the river front, 4 years ago it was flooded

But not this year
I know it doesn’t look that big of drop, but that 2nd photo proves my point. Turns out it is also a local hangout.

There will be only 1 report after this. I plan on leaving on Sunday to return to my HQ.