My Evansville, IN Trip #4 Old Favs

I will admit on my last trip, that I really didn’t do very much. But these days post pandemic has kinda of caused a hiccup in my plans. The Museums I hope to hit today aren’t even open to tomorrow. So I am taking today to catch up on my photos.

My trip yesterday began with a rude Uber Driver. I know reporting them to Uber won’t do any good, simply because I am scared any complaint I make will get back to them of someone I am scared about.

After a drop off and many block walk I went to Penny Lane Coffee House. Super nice and the Orange juice and banana smoothee I had recharged my battery.

Then on to the Reitz House

A Victorian Home which I last saw 4 years ago, although the tour this year was shorter this year. Mainly due to on going repairs after all the house is over 150 years old

After lunch I went to the river front, 4 years ago it was flooded

But not this year
I know it doesn’t look that big of drop, but that 2nd photo proves my point. Turns out it is also a local hangout.

There will be only 1 report after this. I plan on leaving on Sunday to return to my HQ.