Furcation Charity Album


MFF 2022 Heroes

Metal Mutt is gearing up for a great gathering of gigantic heroes. #mffheroes #furfest

Character Design by DBruin and Theway Mutt Art by Clamcrusher

Furcationland 2022 Registration Open


Confuror 2022 (Mexico) Numbers

Confuror 2022 (Mexico)

  • $153,526 Mexican Pesos donated to charity
  • 1,861 attendees

Wild North (UK) 2023 Poster

It’s time to start the fans…
Wild North will return next year with the theme of The Twizell Maze.

KradenArt Amazing Game Case Badges

Usually I don’t feature badges unless it is something special and what KradenArt is doing especially for FurDu (Australia) just blows the mind of this Proud Retro Gamer

I’m producing ‘Game Case’ con-badges for

@FurDUcon in 2023! Get a ‘game style’ case for your con-badge. On theme, and looks great on a shelf afterwards! (and convenient storage?) Only 13 slots available!


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