Furcation 2022 Charity Numbers

From their official site

Dear Furcation Attendees and Supporters,

I am delighted to announce that, through the generosity of the Furcation Community this year we have raised a verified total of…


This is a fantastic amount which the charity have already expressed their immense gratitude for. They have let me know the money will allow them to initiate a step change in their work and are already looking to take on more trainers to increase he work they do. All because of a furry holiday in Somerset. You people rock!

Some of you however may be asking why this amount is lower than a running total given in the closing ceremony. Unfortunately despite efforts I have been unable to contact or verify a donation that was verbally offered and so at this point cannot include this in any verified totals. While this is a disappointment, there is more good news.

A shout-out to our friends at Catnip Radio who have been fundraising for RAD for the last couple of weeks and have so far raised over £1000 (and counting!).

It doesn’t stop here though. To go some way to putting right missing donations, we have ourselves opened a Just Giving Link direct to the charity. Anything you can spare is appreciated, However simply sharing the link would be a massive help!


Once again, thank you to everyone for your generous support of an amazing cause!

Much Love to all,

Janner Dogwai,
Furcation Charity Liaison

In addition 2023 Theme was announced

Space: The Final Fur-rontier

Join us in 2023 as we celebrate all things space related.

Furcation Charity Album


Furcation (UK) Registration Sold Out in 9 Minutes

First it opened

Then it wasn’t

To why this happened was simple, the way the con is set up you get your room through their site you get a badge. Once those are Sold Out, that’s it.

Furcation Reg Open

When I talk about Furcation people look at me funny as it’s kind of hard to describe let alone very unique. First it takes place in a Caravan Park, what we here in the States would call a trailer park… but a nice one.

How to attend?

Simply make your reservation through there site and the con fee is included


In fact the only thing worth mentioning is the Sponsor Level

Really not bad for the price

Furcation Is Back

Even though I have never been there Furcation has always been a favorite of mine due to it’s location more details at the LINK and you’ll see why

FURUM Attendance, Furcation Charity Numbers

FurUM 2019’s attendee count

Their final number is 437.

422 (pre reg) + 15 (on site tickets)

Confuzzled and Furcation (UK) Announces Charity

Confuzzled (UK) recently posted

We are pleased to announce that our charity for 2022 will be The Bumblebee Conservation Trust – @BumblebeeTrust please show them some love! We are looking forward to welcoming them to the convention!

Save the bees!!!

Furcation (UK) recently announced

Want to donate to our charity of the year (National Search and Rescue Dogs Association) it’s easy! Just head to http://nsarda.enthuse.com/furcation and send monies straight to them. Add them gift aid option to make sure the good folk at HMRC top up your donation!

Furcation’s 2021 charity album, GFTV to Host Panel at LIFC

Furcation’s 2021 charity album is coming… PREORDER NOW!

(Created by Foxiekins)

Amazon (UK): https://www.amazon.co.uk/THATS-WHAT-CALL-FURRY-VACATION/dp/B09HTZ22ZB

Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/foxiekins/now-thats-what-i-call-a-furry-vacation

Released 12th of November 2021


Join our Project Head Pawsry as he brings everyone back to school for a furry YouTubing boot camp!

See you coming Saturday Nov 13!

Fur Con News: Confuzzled, Furcation

Want to join ConFuzzled staff? We’re looking for a new Head of Design!

To apply, go here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/PD3RTXJ (Closes 7th July)

As Head of Design, your main responsibility is to source and create artwork for the convention, in line with the theme choice each year.

Some of your key tasks will include;

  • Sourcing all requested artwork for the convention
  • Design the convention conbook / mini guide
  • Create the hotel theming for the convention
  • Designing (with suitable notice) items for other teams (conpack, roll up banners, posters)
  • Discussion with suppliers for printing / conpack items
  • Preparing the website design and layout
  • Adding the ConFuzzled personality to the written word (where appropriate and required)

As part of these responsibilities, you’ll have to be able to work to certain deadlines. The most obvious one is the convention itself, but other deadlines will come throughout the year, including ensuring material is ready to send to printers, or materials needed for our website.

As the Head of the Design department, you may also be responsible for managing others in your department. You will also be reporting to an Associate Director within the convention, who will help co-ordinate your activities.

Furcation ready for 2021 Online Con, but the next IN PERSON CON is 2022

Furcation Online 2021

Furcation Online 2021: Pool Party
12th to 14th November 2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Furcation will be running online again in 2021. We hope to return to running our usual in-person event in 2022. Our theme “The Rawring Twenties” will roll over (again…) to our next in-person event in 2022. Please see our COVID-19 notice for more information.

We will be streaming Furcation 2021 live on Twitch between the 12th and 14th November 2021.

We also have a Discord server set up and ready for those who want to chat, enjoy the stream, play games with your friends and generally chat about what you see on stream. To join, please click the Discord button at the top of the page.

For those who like to be more involved in a virtual world, we have set up a Furcation based VRChat world, with two caravans in them so you can still chill with your friends in your own caravan, with the Twitch stream being broadcast direct to the televisions! It’s almost like being at Furcation, only without the fresh, sea air!

And, in between all this, we’re going to have a digital con-book for you! No convention is complete without a con-book!

Make sure to keep a close eye on our TwitterTelegram and Facebook for announcements!

Event submissions

Event submissions are open for Furcation Online 2021.

If you are interested in hosting an event, please fill out our event submission form and our Events team will be in touch.

Furcation Plans for 2021

From their official site


After much careful consideration, we’ve decided not to run Furcation 2021 as a physical event. We know that this news is disappointing and not what you wanted to hear.

We’ve made this decision early on, as delaying it would have only added to our attendees’ uncertainty and our ability to deliver on the top-class convention you deserve.

Alright, we’ve ripped off the plaster, now for the good news!

Grab your swimming trunks, stick your favourite towels on the sun loungers and slap on the Factor 50, because this year, we’re doing it poolside. This will happen on the weekend of the 12th, 13th and 14th November 2021.

We’ll have some more info coming very soon on how you can get involved, but we’ll once again be looking for artists, musicians, dealers and panel suggestion, but even if you want to chill out on a lilo with a pina colada, we’ll be happy to welcome you back to our 2021 digital convention.

As usual, we hope that you stay safe in these uncertain times and we look forward to welcoming you to Furcation 2021 Online!

From your Furcation Committee

Furcation LTD.