Fur The More 2023: Numbers

Final numbers from Fur the ‘More 2023:

1620 attendees (+31.5% from last year, and +9% from our largest year)

317 Fursuits in the parade (+19%)

254 Fursuit tags handed out

$8500 to our charity The Frederick Center Thanks to all our attendees, vendors, Guests of Honor, and staff!

Fur The More (Convention) Plush

Without a doubt the most unique souvenir from any and all conventions

The come in two sizes just right for cuddling, 20cm (7.8 inches) and 30cm (15.8 inches) and are super cute! https://constore.furthemore.org/product/pre-order-quoth-nugget-plush/241?cs=true&cst=custom

Fur The More Opens Registration

All levels receive:
Con Registration

All Backers receive:
The 2022 Collectible Pin
2022 Convention T-Shirt

All Sponsors receive:
The Perks of Backer Level
The Sponsorship Gift
Access to the Con Suite

All Elite Sponsors receive:
The Perks of Sponsor Level
One free ticket to the VIP Reception
Raffle Tickets

Raven God:
The Perks of Elite Sponsor Level
Two free breakfast buffet vouchers
One free ticket to the GoH Dinner
VIP Gift

Register here

2 Virtual Furry Cons This Weekend

Eurofurence is having theirs at

Discord Invite Link

Fur The More is also doing their this weekend

VR Chat Link

Fur The More Virtual BBQ

Yes you read this right a Virtual BBQ