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My Evansville Trip: Wrap Up

Overall Evansville, IN was fun. I got to meet some old friends, one I hadn’t seen in 25 years. That is no joke, turns out we like many of the same things. Which I hope to do more of when I go again.

Everywhere I went I had fun, especially at Walther’s Golf and Fun. 32 Hole Mini Golf and you got 2 who who are so bad that you don’t keep score. I wish I played Laser Tag one weekend, I am good, but hadn’t played in years.

I wish I came at a better time for my friend, work kept them busy most of the time. In fact the only time we could spend was 3 days on the weekends. They took me to a place called Cowboy Joe’s it’s an indoor flea market. Frankly I saw a lot I wanted… but I went on the same day I left and I had little room for anything… except for what I could shove in a pocket.

My only real complaint was Greyhound. As it always seems the buses I was on was either delayed or cancelled. The buses were packed, especially the one from Indianapolis. I have since figured if Greyhound suggests a certain bus at a certain time, try and get on a earlier bus if possible. This way if it gets delayed there isn’t an issue. Namely if your bus isn’t there they put you on a later one. I wish I did this at the very start of my journey. I would of had time in Louisville, KY instead of what happened.

Given where my friend lives I was taking Uber and Cabs a lot. I swear I spent more on them than anything else. But I did get around and had my share of both good and bad drivers. I swear I will never forget that gun carrying Republican I had as a driver. Who refused to drop me on Martin Luther King Drive, but instead in front of the Teamsters Office a block away.

Lastly the night at The Holiday Inn Express. A treat to myself halfway my journey home, was super nice. The room was nice, I got a good rest. The FREE Breakfast they off was good, basically Keto. Mini omelets veggie and cheese, bagels, cereal, oat meal, etc and fruit. It was delicious and being a block away from Greyhound was nice.