MFF New Con Chair Duncan DaHusky

Who then posted the following statement

To be clear: being chosen to chair Midwest FurFest again is an honor and a challenge I gladly accept. We have an amazing team of smart, capable volunteers who work hard every single day of the year to prepare for the convention.

With 450+ people on staff, chair is a CEO/COO role these days, coordinating different parts of the org and making sure everyone has the tools and resources they need to succeed. I couldn’t do this without my vice chairs: @ramalion @WoodyMutt @theome @NallTWD and @hinopup

With this said about volunteers

I know the “condolences” are offered in good humor, but fostering the idea that volunteering for cons is a burden to be avoided is how you make sure nobody volunteers and there are no cons. Volunteer if you find it fun and fulfilling. At the very least encourage others to help.