Anthro NW Totals

Anthro NW just completed it’s 2023 convention this past weekend and still no official numbers. But I am going on what those who where there are reporting.

ANW 5 attendance: 2,151 (ANW 4: 1,498). ANW 6 will be same location Jan. 4-7, 2024.

With ANW beating their old record by more than 700 will 2023 be another year of record con attendance? Only time will tell.

Shutter Wolf Coverage of Anthro NW 2021

Very seldom it seems we are allowed to look inside a con we have never been. But Shutter Wolf posts their photos online and most never hear about it. I say that con looks interesting and one day I might actually go.

Anthro Northwest VR Starts Today

Online Fur Cons Update

COVID-19 Report: Anthro NW

Anthro NW normally takes place in November has been officially postponed to 2021

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