Down Home FC Mini Review Day #1

Day 1 of Down Home Furry Con came and went and I did happen to watch more than a few panels and all I can really say is that given your trying to stream what you would normally see at a fur con…they really have done a remarkably good job. I am not going to blast them for any mistakes they might have made. Because given what I see on various social media platforms of what it takes to put something like this together, and to have it run as smooth as it has. They all have done a very well, and I encourage my readers if you need a fur con fix this should help.

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Down Home Furry Con Starts TODAY at 11 AM CT

If your looking for a furry convention this is it, the schedule and all the links to the livestream can be found HERE

Down Home Fur Con in 3 Days

I know a lot of us feel sad and even frustrated that our favorite cons were either cancelled or even possibly cancelled. But at least an online con won’t be and frankly I am looking forward to see what Down Home FC has to offer.

Link to their Twitter