Large Combo by Gabshiba Now Available

Synopsis: Otto works at Barkdonald´s but everytime Taro is around (his Boss) everything is a disaster, he might need a private talk after work.

$25 from Fur Planet

Daydreams and Dragons Now Available

The first of two exciting new comics who made their debut at #FC2023 . Daydreams and Dragons by @AyCeeArt featuring their lynx character Avery and an imagined dragon.

Return from Divalia by Kyell Gold Now Available

Synopsis: As a seventeen-year-old wolf and the son of a barley farmer, Coryn was lured into a night of adventure and sex by a cunning rat thief, a night which left him in debt for five long years. Now the owner of a farm himself, he has paid off his debt but finds himself longing to see the rat just one more time. He returns to the capital city of Divalia in search of one more adventure, and gets much more than he’d bargained for…

Nevi’im (Post-Self Book 3) by Madison Scott-Clary


Do you know how old I am, Dr. Brahe? I am 222 years old, a fork of an individual who is…who would be 259 years old. I am no longer the True Name of 2124. Even remembering her feels like remembering an old friend…”

The cracks are showing.

Someone picked up on the broadcast from the Dreamer Module and as the powers that be rush to organize a meeting between races, Dr. Tycho Brahe is caught up in a whirlwind of activity. And as always, when the drama goes down, there is Codrin Bălan to witness it.

When faced with eternity in a new kind of digital world, however, old traumas come to roost, and those who were once powerful are brought to their knees.

Growth is colliding with memory, and the cracks are showing.

Now available

Ramen Wolf and Curry Tiger Now Available

A charming new manga about a pair of furry foodies!

Meet your new favorite food critics: a chubby wolf named Mita Jiro and a ripped tiger named Yanagi Kagetora. Kagetora used to eat to live, but that changed when he met Jiro—who lives to eat! Jiro is more than happy to help his striped friend explore the restaurants and delicacies tucked within their city, and he enjoys all their finds with great relish. There’s nothing better than a hot meal to bring two (animal) people together in this deliciously illustrated story.

Now Available from Fur Planet

Roar #11 To Debut @ Anthrocon

Roar volume 11 will debut at Anthrocon and should be on Fur Planet’s site soon after.

What we know so far:

Edited by

@maddiekellerr with 15 stories by













@artiestrokes Juan Carlos Moreno, and Mephitis Cover @Fresaboba

Saida & Autumn by Arilin Thorferra Coming Soon

Arilin Thorferra’s queer macro romance, “Saida & Autumn,” will be premiering at Anthrocon 2022 from FurPlanet! This is the finished cover, with art by Ransom.