Furever West Sets 2023 Date

We here at Furry Times wishes them the best of luck

Furever West 2022 Laramine, WY

Honestly if I could nominate anyone for “Furry of the Year” I would give it to the Staff of Furever West.

Really they did not set any records, as this was there 1st full con. Or raised any unusual amount of cash.

It’s for surviving a bomb threat then going on to have a full con the following year after some major setbacks. But they survived and actually thrived. My highest praise to everyone, and hope next year’s is even better

Furever West is Coming Sept 23 to 25

More information when it becomes available.

Furever West Interview

Recently I posted an article on speculation that Furever West might have folded mainly do the problems related to 2021. I am very happy to say I was recently contacted by their representative @Dhammer104 to tell of what happened and are they despite everything are they planning a 2022 gathering.

Furry Times (FT): Given all that has happened, what is the current status of Furever West

Furever West (FW): Furever West is alive and well! The team is currently working on a public release of information about the 2022 convention that will happen in Laramie Wyoming this September.

FT: That is great news, I almost feel like the elephant furry in the room. What about the domain name?

FW: The domain name, most likely, is unfortunately lost. An unknown error occurred with the auto billing for the domain name, which in turn cause our hosting company (Wix) to put http://fureverwest.com up for auction. We will be rebuilding a new website, hopefully with a similar domain name

FT: So now about the upcoming convention. What do you do when your very 1st con was postponed by a bomb threat. Which from my understanding was a hoax.

FW: It was very unfortunate what happened to last years convention, and we still feel absolutely horrible for all the people who were genuinely looking forward to our convention. However, we did receive a message that a bomb would be detonated if the convention was to be held. Wether that message was genuine or a hoax, we conducted talks with local police and hotel management, and we were advised to shut down the convention to potentially avoid a large loss of life. In addition to moving venues to avoid a similar situation, we are also moving the convention to Laramie Wyoming. A more accepting city in Wyoming due to it being a college town.

FT: I assume you already have a venue

FW: Yes! Venue is booked and will be announced along with all other 2022 convention updates sometime next week.

FT: That is truly wonderful news, I really wish you the very best.

I think I’ll leave any additional questions for now. In order to wait for the official word. But if there is anything you like to say, here is your chance.

FW: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me!

It is so nice to be wrong, Furever West deserves a chance

So you have it here a Furry Times Exclusive

Furever West will return this September in Laramie, WY

Has Furever West Folded?

Furever West was billed as Wyoming’s 1st Furry Convention they were to have their very 1st con in 2021. But due to a bomb threat it was cancelled and hurriedly replaced by a furmeet.

They had suggested a 2022 convention on Twitter. But since their last post Sept 30, 2021 nothing since.

Until this recent development, which was actually me checking out their site for any updates when I came across this.

You are seeing right, their Domain Name is up for sale. I have contacted them on Twitter and am currently waiting for a reply. But one can not help but wonder if they have gone under?!!!

Fur Con News: Furever West’s Bomb Threat,

For Fuck sake Furever West a brand new fur con to take place in Cheyenne, Wyoming over this weekend was shutdown when the hotel got a Bomb Threat.

This was to be their 1st con ever, so you know what Furever West did and I give them high praise

So they went really old school, a 1 day gathering.

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