Review and Download of He Is The Rat #4

The story is subtitled The Attack of the Drag Racing Monkeys and they are the bad guys. Rat or Rat Boy as he is sometimes called is captured by these Drag Racing Moneys who are determined to conquer the world. We start out by seeing him captured after a dumb mistake makes he is free after knocking his 2 guards out cold. After looking for food Rat finds himself in the lab and accidentally shrinks down then uses his small size to make his escape. Later he finds himself at their HQ which is located in a bar and after making a rather lethal compound winds up killing nearly all of them.

The 2nd story The Rotten Chicken Lips is one of a mad genius heading to an island of mutant and wants to use them for his evil plans.

Both stories are over the top fun

Overall score 9/ 10

You can view and download He Is The Rat #4 here

Furry Comic Book Review: Save State #1 by Tim Weeks

Another MFF 2018 pick up, I have been a fan of Save State comics for some time, the main reason I have been a gamer most of my life and it’s hard to find good video game humor. Save State never fails to make me laugh when I was reading this collection on my way home after MFF. The people around me were wondering “What is He Laughing AT?” I was really LOL. PIck this up if you want a good laugh, they also make fun of retro games like this…

A SOLID 10/ 10

Furry Comic Review: Armored Gears #1 by Dan Lee

I picked this one up at MFF 2018 simply because I really like the cover art. Being a supporter of our vets I thought it looked interesting to pick up. What I got was something rather unique but in a good way. The comic is set in the Philippines in the dark days of WW2 when soldiers were being killed by an invading force of Japanese as they made their way across the Pacific. Believe me, the real history of WW2 in the Pacific is far more than just Pearl Harbor and the Atom Bomb. Armored Gears being just a comic only touches on those dark days. But really had a twist I did not see coming, and that is a Mecha. Of course, they did not have them back then, but like I said an interesting twist. I know I will be checking out future issues when they become available to see where this story goes next.

Overall rating 7/ 10

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