Fursang (Hungry) Mystery

In fact Fursang was to take place in Budapest, Hungry this very weekend. Now all of a sudden their website is down, and the following message appeared on their Telegram.

Despite the efforts of our spies and coworkers, our mission was not authorised. Mission aborted! I repeat, mission aborted!

The organisation of Fursang had to be halted due to events that hindered our work. We concluded that we cannot organise the event.
It was hard to come to this conclusion, but since we cannot guarantee the safety of the event, nor the quality of it without making any compromises, we are going to scrap even the idea of organising the convention.

Such a shame. He was a great agent.

What does this exactly mean? All we can assume for now is that the con has closed, until we hear other wise. Attempts have been made to contact them but still no reply.

Fursang (Hungry) Cancels 2022 Event, China Delays Fur Con to October

Fursang (Hungary) cancels 2022 event

They’re originally planned for 10 – 14 Feb this year.

Agent F,

We were informed that there is a greater threat to our population. The mission cannot be carried out safely. Health is at risk.

Mission aborted!

Wait for further instructions!

End of transmission.

On Dec 2021, Central China Furry Union (CCFU) announced they will defer their Oct 2022 event until further notice.

Fursang (Hungary) Set for Feb 11 to 14 2022

From their Telegram

Dear Followers,

The global situation made all of our live difficult, forced us to give up on or change our values. After long waiting, we have followed the news of the international regualations of situation and consulted our partner conventions, we have reached the conclusion to POSTPONE our “Fursang – 007” convention which was supposed to take place between February 5 and 8, 2021.

The new date is 11 to 14, February 2022.

Although the virus and the restriction might not have had affected a suitwalk, but the uncertainty of the future and moral codex had a bigger role in making the decision.

We wish a healthy and nice day to all of our Followers!
To be continued…

Agent F, we have an important mission for you: saving the World! …again.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to neutralize the target and retrieve the item in 5 days. Further information on this channel.

LOCATION: Budapest
DATE: 10-14. 02. 2022

End of transmission.