FUZZNET the furry music label closes.

The following statement was made on their Twitter

Hey there everyone. Sadly, due to a mix of personal, mental health and financial reasons, Fuzznet will be stopping all operation. We thank everyone who has participated and supported. Most of our artists will continue on their own, so make sure to follow them!

This may seem sudden, however this has been quite some time coming. I was still trying to somehow keep things up until the last moment. Our team was given the vote for another year of operation, or immediate closure. Option 2 was chosen by the majority.

Within the next week, all our publications will be taken off platforms. Our Bandcamp and Website will stay up for roughly another month. Any proceeds made during that timeframe will go to either the respective artists via a final payment or to charity.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for their wonderful support over these almost 2 years. For creators, this will mean our content won’t be available for you via stream anymore. If you’re into lo-fi and electronica, we wholeheartedly recommend @WalkingDogMusic

Of course, this also means that unfortunately the upcoming Vol. 2 Charity Pack will be cancelled, along with any other plans. Apologies on that part for anyone who was excited for the release.

I wish things could’ve gone differently, but it’s tough times.

In conclusion, it was an amazing experience, I’ve met and got to work with wonderful people and new friends, and I’ll do my best to support wherever I can in a more casual manner. Best wishes, and lots of love.

– Finn

P.S. Fuck Russia. And fuck Putin even more.