JMoF VC Date Announced

Infurnity, JMoF Announcements

■ Infurnity – First 10 panelists officially announced

Taiwanese furcon Infurnity has recently announced a total of 10 panelists for their VRChat-based furcon, to be held at end-October.

■ JMoF – Timetable for “Prologue” online event released

As more furcons virtualise, JMoF jumps aboard with VR JMoF, a online furcon of their own. Though the main edition will hold in January next year, their “Prologue” event is right in October, in case you can’t wait for it.

And just recently, the furcon has released a timetable for the “Prologue” event, which lasts for two days and contains time slots for VRChat interaction, DJ sets, a group photo session and the ceremonies.

JMoF Presents a How To Video

COVID-19 Report: JMOF Schedule for 2021 Cancels

With this one post on Twitter JMOF Japan’s largest fur con is the 1st that cancels their 2021 convention. Are they doing this as a precaution or is it a sign of things to come…only time will tell.