Melbourne Furry Convention 2023 Reg Report

Melbourne Furry Convention 2023 which takes place Feb 24 – 26 2023 at Jasper Hotel, Melbourne.

I know most of you who are reading this won’t be going for many reasons which I won’t name. But there is another. Even though Reg has only been open a little while. It’s almost sold out LINK Day Passes for that weekend already are.

In fact the only 3 day tickets are at the Sponsor and Super Sponsor Levels for $212 and $268 respectfully.

Like all Australian cons there is a govt imposed limit on attendance

Also it’s the 1st Melbourne Furry Convention since 2020

Melbourne Fur Con Returns in 2023

Melbourne Fur Con which held their very 1st con in 2019 before COVID. Then after that held nothing in 2020, while in 2021 it was a Virtual Con. To finally return in 2023, Registration will be open Sept 11 and will be covered after that date. But I am happy to see a con make it’s return.