NCAS COVID Policy, VancouFUR 2022 date

NCAS and Blue Ridge Furface releases it’s COVID Policy

Vancoufur (Canada) Announces that March 3-6 2022 will be there next In-Person con

Vancoufur is pleased to announce VF2022 will be IN-PERSON, March 3-6, 2022 @ the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel in Surrey BC! VF2022 brings you the “full release” of our EvfurQuest theme for 4 days of fun & adventure! Full vax req. Register today at LINK

Fur Con News: Anthro South East, NCAS BBQ

Anthro South East is postponing their next in person con to 2022 or 2023

Why did you make the decision to cancel?
– This decision could not be publicly announced until everything was finalized.
Tennessee has fully opened events back up, but there is still some concern for general safety. Would enough people feel comfortable enough to attend with lingering concerns about covid? While a great number of people are getting vaccinated, we do not feel that herd immunity would be achieved by October 2021 and we did not want to put our community at risk with a full convention. 
In addition, we had a financial responsibility to our venues that would be difficult to achieve if we put a limit on our attendance. In the end, after discussing our options with our partners at the Marriott and Chattanooga Convention Center, we made the decision to cancel this year’s convention. 

Are there new dates?
– Currently, we are working with the venues to try and secure new dates for ASE. We are looking to move to September 2022 or March 2023.
This date change will help with how many other cons have had to move to similar fall dates as our original Halloween one.

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Google forms for the in-person park meet close Friday at midnight! If you’re planning on joining us this Sunday, July 25th at 3pm at Ritter Park, the form needs to be filled out! Looking forward to seeing you all there!