New Year’s Furry Ball #Numbers

The Fursuit Group Photo is here! Taken by @xharu:

NYFB 2023 Totals;
Attendees: 725
Charity: $1,381.12

In addition it’s seems the planned protest never took place, mainly do to the disagreements were actually settled before the event.

New Year’s Furry Ball was BIG

New Year’s Furry Ball takes place in Newark, Delaware and this year according to some reports topped last year’s numbers by over 200. In fact this is the largest New Year’s Furry Ball since it began.

Despite some controversy which I am currently looking into and will report on as soon as information is available.

It had been reported that some were banned, not for what they said on social media exactly. More like coming across as LGBTQ+ this despite some of the organizers are the same. Plus there was an actual protest that took place by furries during this event. So as you can see there is a lot to look into.