RAMCon (2020-2022)

It’s hard to know what went on behind the scenes when over a 11 day period RAMCon went from a yes to a NO!!!

This was an official post made on March 11, 2022

To this announcement 11 days later on March 22, 2022

The End of RAMCon

Good afternoon everyone.

It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce that RAMCon V4 is sadly cancelled – and RAMCon is officially closing its doors as of today. There are multiple reasons for this, all pertaining to IRL changes with head staff which have occurred in recent days.

Our Treasurer and Head of Security/Volunteers has had a recent increase in IRL responsibilities both with work, taking care of her children/family, as well as the opening of many opportunities for her to pursue some lifelong dreams.

Our Event Coordinator and Vendor Hall coordinator has had some recent health issues escalate which require medical attention which are exacerbated by extended desk work.

And of course myself, Head of IT/Server Management, PR, Website Mangement and Community Guest Coordination. I’ve had a recent upturn in workload pertaining to my education – animation is a very heavy-workload field and after experiencing a major burnout and a health crisis I’ve found I can no longer juggle managing a convention and my education, and sadly my degree has to come first.

This was a difficult decision to make and one we put a lot of thought and time into deciding on. We hoped that we would have been able to push through and give everyone one last hoorah, as this convention is held very dearly to our hearts and has been one of our proudest achievements.

To say this con has been life changing would be an understatement. We cannot thank you all enough for your continued support, attendance, and kind words that you’ve given to us over the past 3 years. Running a convention with only 3 people at the helm has been a wild ride, and we wouldn’t have it any other way ๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’™

However, we also acknowledge that due to IRL responsibilities, all three Head Staff have experienced major tanks in our mental and physical health situations which have impacted our ability to work on the con. We have always wanted to bring our best to you despite the odds, because at the end of the day RAMCon was made to make the best of a tough situation.

As such, as much as we hate to say it – we are going to have to bid our final goodbye to the con that brought comfort to our own homes.

We know a lot of folks are going to have questions – here’s some that we’d like to answer off the bat:

Q: What will happen to the Server? Are you going to delete the server?
A: The server will stick around as an archive, however the invite link will be shutting down as of March 31st. Those who leave will not be able to rejoin.

Q: What about badge pre-orders?
A: Sadly badge pre-orders for V4 are going to be canceled. We wanted to announce this before payment was received.

Q: What will happen to RAMCon’s Website/Merch/Socials?
A: We will be keeping the RAMCon Twitter, Website, Merch, and Instagram Pages up as an archive until further notice.

Q: What about the RAMCon Twitch?
A: Similar answer to the Website/Server – the Twitch will be staying up for the time being.

Q: What about the Movie Nights?
A: We know a lot of folks love the movie nights – us too. As such, Spring has offered to continue doing Monthly Movie Nights in her own server which you can join below

Q: What will the staff do now that the con is closed?
A: They say with every ending comes new beginnings – all of the staff are content creators and will be continuing their pursuits. If you’d like to keep up with them their twitter handles are:
@FluffDragonArt, @Spirit_PD and @SpringHeartArts

Lastly but certainly not leastly – closing announcements and information:

For those who applied to be a Vendor/Panelist/Volunteer/Event Host. We would like to thank you for your interest in joining us this year. We’re sorry we couldn’t continue to bring our platform to you – however it’s thanks you that we were able to ever make our con possible.

To our community guests, thank you for bringing life and light to our convention – we wouldn’t have been able to come this far without you.

To our former volunteers, staff, event hosts, and artists on staff. You guys are AMAZING. We cannot express how much we appreciate you dedicating your time, effort, and passion into this project that we founded 3 years ago.

And lastly, but certainly not leastly – our lovely attendees. Thank you for joining us on this ride through thick and thin. We hope we’ve brought you all something you can enjoy, even in our own small way.

To those who have questions, we will be answering questions on our socials until March 31st for any questions that weren’t answered in this announcement.

RAMCon has strived to support communities around the world, as such remaining proceeds that RAMCon has accrued that aren’t going to artists will be donated to DirectRelief to help support those in Ukraine.

Thank you all for an amazing three years, and we hope to see you on the other side ๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’™
– The RAMCon Staff

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An online convention experience designed to encourage, support, and inspire creatives from all walks of life. We provide a digital alternative to in-person events, bringing your works to audiences across the world.

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