Devilish Deals: Now Available


What do Needful Things, the state of Georgia, and details have in common? They all have the Devil. And in two of those, the Devil is known for making deals, and in this anthology, that ultimate salesman from beyond is looking to cut you a deal at a good bargain…

Featuring stories by Julia C. Lewis, Scott Hughes, Jay Bower, Matthew Barron, Liam A. Spinage, Michelle Cristiani, Benjamin Langely, and Parker Jones, this latest edition in our HOWLERS wants to let you in on something real special. It won’t cost you much, except your soul…


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Now Available: Blood Choice by Stephanie Park

New year, new blood, as David’s world of light is threatened by the vampires. A choice…a terrible one…must be made as well as a sacrifice if David and his world survives. Open up the new year with BLOOD CHOICE by @bladespark today!


David lives in a world of light, surrounded by darkness. Literally, for the UV lights that circle the city at night are the only thing keeping the vampires without at bay. But he will soon lose that fragile shelter and be forced to go out into the dark. No human stands a chance against a vampire, yet if David is willing to make a terrible choice, he may be able to turn the tide against the vampires’ evil.

Now Available: The Rubber Princess by Zeta the Coyote

Join Aegerter and his friends on a quest of heroism and fetishistic beauty to save their world from the clutches of the dragoness Zuria in THE RUBBER PRINCESS, by Zeta the Coyote with illustrations by FortunataFox, available now!

Now Available: Mist by Amy Fontaine

I personally find the description interesting

In a strange forest, blanketed by haze, Karen wakes up with four other unfamiliar children. They have no memories of their life before, or how they came to be there. Under the constant threat of a reptilian monster lurking in the mist, Karen, Samuel, Tessa, Jack, and Loki realize that they must rally together to overcome not only their personal obstacles, but also to unearth the greater purpose that has drawn them into this strange world. In their quest to rid the world of the terrifying beast, the group discovers and hones incredible new abilities, facing their greatest challenge yet: can they work together to save the realm of the Mist?

$8.79 from Thurston Howl Pub


As soon as I saw this unique title I knew I had to share

Coming Soon: HUMAN BY BIRTH, DRAGON BY BLOOD by @WordsBySC : Everyone has growing pains, but imagine Amanda’s surprise when hers are just a little bit more than she ever bargained for..

This will be one to watch out for…

Available Now! GRIEF DREAMS by first time author JD Lewis! “This is a book about an abusive relationship and sexual assault. it is about PTSD, depression, anxiety and insomnia and the daily struggles of living with what happened.”

The book costs $4.50

Loving Without Fear by H.J. Pang

Martha had never been much interested in dating throughout her life but this all changed in oh so many ways, when a cute sea otter catches her eye. The only problem? Martha holds a serious fear of water. Collecting two complete novellas by @HJPang3!


Now Available: Summer of The Caribou by Anne Robinson

Now Available, it’s SUMMER OF THE CARIBOU by Anne Robinson! “Kirima has become a confident hunter, ready to lead his fam to the land of the caribou for the summer hunt. But love and danger intertwine, in this sequel to SPRING OF THE WHITE BEAR!”