It Looks Like A Civil War To Me by Perri Prinz

Today I had occasion to weigh in on the Magnus Diridian controversy in a closed group on Facebook. For those who don’t know, this is about the guy who created Arkansas, a fursuit character with a confederate flag (or General Lee) pattern, and is sometimes seen walking around with a pro-Trump sign as part of his act.

I wasn’t really surprised at the hateful, bigoted comments coming from the furs who don’t like this guy. It’s par for the course these days. But, you know, that’s still not ok. And I think it’s time a lot of people in this modern world were ripped a knew one, and told to their faces just how stupid they are. The following response may be considered my first contribution to that cause.

I don’t know if anyone has brought this up before, but has anyone stopped watching reruns of The Dukes Of Hazard because they find the car offensively racist? (Actually you can’t even watch that show anymore, which is one of the things Arkansas was created to protest.)

Has anyone considered condemning anyone who comes from The South as racist? This flag does not represent racism. It represents identification with a certain area of the country.

All this picture is saying is The South supports Trump. I don’t know if that statement is true or not, and I don’t think that’s the point the fursuiter is trying to make. I think the statement being made here is that, if you automatically assume people from The South, (or people who support Trump) are racist, then you’re the one that’s displaying prejudice and ignorance. And the more hateful you are in your condemnation of the image, the more ignorant and bigoted you make yourself look.

This could be called trolling the SJW’s, or you could call it a good old-fashioned artistic statement. Either way I think this is something that’s needed. We need to have our own prejudices challenged. We need to be encouraged to look deeper than the surface of things. We need to stop acting like a country full of fragile snowflakes, scared to death of our own culture and history.

The South existed and still exists. Get over it. That’s why the confederate flag is still around and still widely used. Seriously, are you going to start burning Lynyrd Skynyrd records and banning them from the radio because they used this flag on their album covers and concerts? Are you going to condemn Southern Rock as a racist music genre just because it references The South? Hell, why stop there? You could ban Country Music all together as the music of Rednecks. And then you can have Antifa show up to try to shut down Jeff Foxworthy performances.

You might think I’m being facetious here. But America has already gone so far off the deep end that no one would ever have believed Americans could be so stupid. Why now should anyone put any extent of stupidity past you?

Growing up in the MD/VA/PA/DC area in the 70’s, The Confederate Flag was a common sight. There was no controversy about it. There was not even that much controversy about Nazis. It was not at all uncommon to see planes sporting full Nazi symbolism at air shows, and no one was triggered. And even today, you Anime geeks see Imperial Japanese imagery every day, and you’re not triggered.

As I mentioned above, The Confederate Flag fronted an entire genre of music, which was not at all controversial. Southern Rock was considered uniquely American, the end product of all music considered to be indigenous to America, much of that music having been the invention of black people. Indeed, as Billy Joel once suggested, there is no American music that does not have black people at the root of it.

Much of 70’s Rock that has stood the test of time, whether it was made by American or UK artists, was a direct homage to said black people. And that is, to a great extent, why those black people are remembered so well today.

Well, I should say, remembered as well as they are. Because I don’t think the typical SJW knows anything about music history. To them, what Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton did with the music of Robert Johnson was “Cultural Appropriation.” Something the UN is currently considering making a crime worthy of jail time.

In other words, if you’re black, you’re not an American. You’re not related to anybody else in this country. You are a segregated group that has to make everything for itself. And no matter how good what you make is, nobody else can use it.

I don’t think this country was ever that stupid, or that racist. I mean, that is carrying racism to an extreme that would be impossible to practice. How are they going to prevent people from being influenced by the people of other colors and distinctions they live with?

Well there are only two possible ways to do that. One is complete segregation. Everyone is forced to live in a special reservation for their particular distinction, in which they can have no contact with anybody else. Total racism.

And the other way is to destroy all distinctions through interbreeding. So that there are no white Americans, no black Americans, no Jewish Americans, no Muslim Americans. Universal genocide.

Again this would seem almost impossible to pull off. But when I suddenly look around and realize I’m not seeing a heck of a lot of white people in this part of the country, I begin to wonder if somebody isn’t determined to give it their best shot.

I don’t for one minute believe this sudden embracing of SJW BS is an accidental and uncalculated thing. I mean, seriously, the opposition party is in power. It should be hard as hell for SJW’s to get any support, particularly while openly flying greatly offensive Communist flags. But you’re not allowed to condemn Communist flags in the hands of American SJW’s, even though a more open and shut case of cultural appropriation I never saw.

You can take your pick of the conspiracy theories that have been predicting this BS for over a century, and decide for yourself who you want to blame it on, but it’s generally pretty obvious that we’ve been getting screwed by somebody for a very long time, and just letting it slide. So much so that people are now saying it’s too late to care. We let freedom slip away and we’re never going to get it back again.

But, you know what? That’s BS propaganda too, meant to inspire complacent submission. Submission to what? Communism, apparently. Or something even worse, being as SJW’s understand Communism about as well as they understand anything else.

So, what do Americans traditionally do in a situation like this? Yep, they wrap themselves in The Confederate Flag and go out to make a protest.

Why The Confederate Flag? Why not The Stars And Stripes? Maybe because, to a lot of people, myself included, The Stars And Stripes has come to represent everything I regard as bad about America; it’s crooked politics, it’s bad government, it’s class policies and unrepentant worship of the root of all evil. The people of America have come to look on The Stars And Stripes as the emblem of their oppressors. And that is exactly the reason Magnus Diridian gives for the creation of Arkansas. It’s a rebellion against the tyranny represented by The Stars And Stripes.

And, of course, Magnus is not the only one in the fandom doing this. Foxler doesn’t have to keep taking flack for his armband. He could have dropped the armband as soon as the first complaint came in about it. But he’s like, “No, I’m sick of people trying to control my identity. I’m guaranteed freedom as an American and I’m going to demand they make good on it.”

So, if you’re an American with any love for your own freedom at all, thank your lucky stars for people like Magnus and Foxler who are willing to go out in the world, putting their own tails on the line, to stick it to the thieves who are making off with your freedoms every day.

And while you’re at it, be proud of Furry Fandom, which has such people in it. And screw the staff of Anthrocon, The Colorado Furs Group, Dogpatch Press, Deo Taz Devil’s branch of Antifa, SJW’s in general and any other Furry group or establishment that supports the agenda of Communists while trying to tear down the heroes of this fandom.

Yes, we have a Civil War in Furry Fandom. It was forced on us, and we will either deal with it, or be forever oppressed if these despicable Communists are allowed to hold sway. We are a microcosm of what is happening to the country, and if one fandom will stand to shut Communism down, it may inspire whoever is attacked next to not waste as much time as we have recognizing our enemies and dealing with them.

Link to original article
Link to statement by Magnus Diridian

Anime Review: The Secret World of Arriety

according to wikipedia

A boy named Shō tells the audience he still remembers the week in summer he spent at his mother’s childhood home with his maternal great aunt, Sadako, and the house maid, Haru. When Shō arrives at the house on the first day, he sees a cat, Niya, trying to attack something in the bushes but it gives up after it is attacked by a crow. Shō gets a glimpse of Arrietty, a young Borrower girl, returning to her home through an underground air vent.

At night, Arrietty’s father, Pod, takes her on her first “borrowing” mission, to get sugar and tissue paper. After obtaining a sugar cube from the kitchen, they travel inside a hollow wall to a bedroom which they enter through an intriguing dollhouse with working electric lights and kitchen utensils. However, it is Shō’s bedroom; he lies awake and sees Arrietty when she tries to take a tissue from his night table. Startled, she drops the sugar cube. Shō tries to comfort her, but Pod and Arrietty quietly leave and go home.

This is only the beginning of a world that some of us can not imagine. A world of tiny people living in our homes just under our own personal radar.

Some might even recognize the tale as begin close to The Littles which aired on American TV back in 1983

But this story is actually based upon The Borrowers

But begin from Studio Ghibli this film from 2010 is literally a fantastic look at a world inhabited by people that are only a few inches high.

Maybe not everyone’s taste, but it is worth looking at the trailer and seeing if it might be.