Perri Prinz Has Left the Fandom Yesterday

Perri Prinz has left the fandom yesterday, the reason why is simple…HATERS. Yes Haters actually drove someone from the fandom. You see Perri Prinz writes brilliant commentaries and I am proud that he allowed them to be reposted on my blog. But unfortunately their comments rubbed some the wrong way and they lashed out more ways than one. Sad times we live in, when someone can’t say anything that is the complete truth without someone literally verbally attacking you. Either that or stealing your work and not giving you credit. Really it has gotten to a point where only the crooked and those with really thick skin can post anything these days in a public forum and not take any attack personally.

Speaking of which it was a Perri Prinz commentary that spawned that article on me that the Flayrah site went to war against me for not allowing one single comment on his commentary. Oh sure it hurt at first, until I really began thinking about and realized how silly this whole thing was. Think about it, 1 article with 72 comments, and 4 YouTube videos all of which called me both a communist and a NAZI. Yes this was all over 1 comment I didn’t allow on my blog. Someone really has issues and it isn’t me.

Really I am glad this happened, because given my recent health issues they left me unsure about a lot of things.

But now all those problems are solved.

What I came up with was this…

The world is a interesting place…and you could not pay me enough to leave the fandom. The world can be a fun place, but don’t do anything that you dislike, and all haters are idiots, they are not even worthy to use their tongues to lick a yak clean.

No wonder the number of furry blogs are going down, they are literally being driven offline by haters. But I am happy to say you won’t see mine vanish overnight.

Really I wish Perri Prinz well and hope that they find themselves. The world is a different place than it was even just 4 years ago and not for the better, and people like Perri Prinz leaving the fandom only makes worse.