Pure Stupidity

SarahcatFursuit is reporting on Twitter and I quote…

A client set his fursuit on fire because he thought I would pay for customs

Why I got out of political/socio-political idiocy by Casey Thomas Lehman

Casey Thomas Lehman wrote the book War of The Third Demon, which is a brilliant book on dragon society. Also because of a review I did on the book someone who I have been communicating with on Facebook. As we talk about both the upcoming sequel and the story that lead up to this. Casey Thomas Lehman sent me a commentary on why he is sick of politics these days and frankly I can’t blame him.

First, let me say that getting involved with the many movements going on in society today is like having a crazy, rule-despising punk of a girlfriend/boyfriend. It makes you feel alive and it seems great to be in bed with them for a little while, but then you realize you’re mentally and physically exhausted and you’ve been spending your sleepless nights with someone who probably doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

Anyway, it seems nowadays there’s only an “us vs. them” mentality between groups, and none are willing to compromise. What’s the point in getting involved in this if it will only lead to disagreement?
Simple. There is none.

I would rather focus on writing my books, making games later on, etc. This has done nothing to help me recover from my past and only bred contempt in me. I would just like to say this goes for anyone else.

Ladies, some guy hurt you in the past? I can say without a doubt that Feminism isn’t going to make you feel any better about it. It’s going to increase the problem and make you either abuse your next lover and become the monster you despise or leave you alone for life. Guys, some lady cheated on you? Yeah, no… I don’t think joining some religious or political movement that makes women into baby-factories and slaves will help you mentally in the long run. (looking at you, Quiverfull Christians)

Simply put, I’m sick of being involved in this crap. I have done my best to delete every trace of my former involvement in this joke of a war between sects and will not become involved in it again. This doesn’t mean I won’t be for animal rights, but that is based on the fact that I care for animals in general.

Does this mean some of my creations won’t be satirical in nature? No, of course not. Trey Parker and Matt Stone aren’t political activists for what I know, and I give them props for that. Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t rip on whoever and whatever they get their hands on and take Rule 13 to an extreme. I plan to follow in their footsteps for at least one of my series.

My advice to everyone? Live your own lives, make your own decisions and don’t let anyone tell you what to think or do.

…Also, on an unrelated note, please never send me Rule 34 of my characters if you are to contact me on social media, especially the underage ones. Just like to Toby Fox, I don’t want to know what the internet will do next to my poor creations.



The Worm And The Tree by Perri Prinz

It seems Perri Prinz has not left the fandom just yet. In this post he describes the way that he feels.

I have come to realize that the reason I bother talking to people like Sonious, Equivamp, Deo Taz Devil, Patch Packrat, Xydexx, Green Reaper and various other people who are actively promoting a false narrative of hate against various furs who do not conform to certain political beliefs, is because of an erroneous assumption on my part.

The assumption runs along these lines. All furs are good and therefore would not be doing anything extremely immoral unless they were misguided or lacking enlightenment in some respect. Therefore, if I merely stand in their presence and state the truth, they will be enlightened and change their ways.

This, I now realize, is the folly of my own religious and philosophical indoctrination. The assumption that there is good or a will to be good in all people willfully practicing evil is illogical. The assumption that all furs are good simply by virtue of being furs is also false, and completely beyond logic.

Though there may be some reason in offering the benefit of the doubt long enough to present truth and give it a chance to be accepted, when people have willfully rejected truth in order to pursue their desired evil ends, there is no longer any sense in even continuing to talk to them. They are villains acting out of total selfishness, and no appeal to reason, morality, compassion or common sense is going to reach them.

It is quite clear that I have wasted more than enough time showing the lack of logic in the persecution going on in the fandom towards people who do not subscribe to extreme leftist beliefs. They have had all the opportunity that is reasonable to respond to reason and logic, but instead have adhered without budging to the most immoral bigotry and persecution of the innocent. Therefore, no further dialogue is in order. And other measures must now be taken.

But what measures are now called for that the existence of tyrannical villainy in positions of control in Furry Fandom has been established? We must now assess the value of what these villains would steal from us, which is basically the free Furry Fandom that existed before the implementation of tyrannical political correctness.

Is it worth a rebellion, a civil war, blood and violence, to preserve a fandom? Logic says it is not. Is it a moral obligation to attack and destroy villainous traitors, thieves, oppressors and promoters of institutionalized bigotry? No, this is not a moral obligation. Indeed, the falsehood that such a moral obligation exists is the main thing these villains use to justify themselves. They demonize anyone who counters their lies as a Nazi or other buzz term in order to evoke the falsehood that anyone so labeled should be silenced and suppressed.

On reflection, I see that villains such as we now face have always existed in the fandom. In fact, many of these villains have been around for possibly 20 years or more, during which time they have repeatedly attacked the fandom with attempts to install a similar tyranny, but the fandom has always been able to put them down. But now that they can hide behind political correctness as a shield of false legitimacy, they are succeeding where they previously failed. And no passive methods of protest will have any effect on them. Nothing short of a gunshot to the head is going to stop them this time.

But a fandom is merely a recreation, a hobby. It is not a thing worth coming to blows to defend, and certainly not worth shedding blood to preserve. Indeed, if a hobby becomes so politicized that it can no longer be preserved without violence, then it has lost all value, even as a recreation. And, indeed, I have to admit it seems ages since the fandom has been any kind of asset to my interest in anthropomorphic animals. It has become nothing but a zone of disputed freedoms where someone is always complaining they’ve been wronged, and people become completely absorbed in dealing with these disputes.

Thus, I must determine if Furry Fandom is worth such extreme measures to defend. And, being as I effectively broke the ground on which The Furry Community is built, I would say I am in a good position to assess it’s value. Furry is, in fact, my life and the substance of my very existence. But, even so, I can not honestly say there is anything here worthy of bloodshed to defend.

I keep coming back to the parable of The Worm And The Tree. Furry Fandom is like a great tree that I planted many decades ago. And over that time I have watched it grow into something beautiful which has provided a home for many beautiful beings.

Unfortunately, at some point it was entered by a small parasite which over the years has grown to a point that it is now choking the life out of the tree, and poisoning the environment of all who live in it. And there is now no way of destroying this parasite but to let the tree die so that the parasite will be left exposed, helpless and without any further source of sustenance.

Therefore I say, I will fight these villains no longer. Nor will I struggle in vain to prevent the now inevitable death of the fandom as we knew it. I will simply walk away and allow villainy to be destroyed by its own greed.

Then, when the ruins of the old have been cleared away, and the Earth purified of corrupting poison, a new seed may be planted which will grow into a new Furry Fandom, which we shall tend more carefully, and guard from infecting parasites.

Therefore, I have decided that logic and morality dictate that I no longer joust with villains. Nor will I stay nearby that they might feed on me for sustenance. I will leave them ignored and starved for attention, starved for more innocent creatures to infect with their hateful poison; until they realize that they are left with nothing but the husk of a dead tree, which provides them with no power, no recognition and no sustenance for their egos.

Let Patch Packrat write his lies and attempt to inspire hatred against the innocent all he likes. It will avail him not if no one remains to read his lies; if no one remains even to be his victim.

Let Xydexx ban whom he likes from Anthrocon. It will avail him nothing as a con that is not open to free expression inspires less and less interest until it becomes unsustainable.

The villains are counting on the fans valuing Furry Fandom to an extent that they will submit to tyranny to keep it alive. What they fail to recognize is that people do not come to Furry Fandom to be tyrannized. They come here as an escape from oppression. With that freedom from oppression destroyed, no value remains here beyond the Furry genre itself, which is beyond all ownership or corruption. It exists forever regardless of what we do and can never be robbed from us.

If we do not support them, villains can not win. Do not fight them, for this only draws them more attention from those they can corrupt with their lies. Merely turn away from them, refusing to hate who they tell you to hate, refusing to relinquish your own long standing sense of morality and logic.

Remember, we are Furries. We built the fandom that was a shining beacon to the world of what tolerance and freedom of expression could be. We never needed anyone to come in here and tell us how we should think about such things. We already know how to be fair and tolerant to all people in our company. We do not need invaders telling us that our community will be more just if we hate certain people.

Remember, hate is not a recreation or a hobby that brings rejuvenation from the stresses of daily life. Hate is a state of impaired mental and emotional health that causes the mind and body to wither. If it has come down to being required to hate to be a Furry. Then we gain nothing from being Furries, and have nothing left to lose.